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The Cleft of Dimensions has a real-time weather system which creates and tracks weather systems across the entire game over time.

Weather in a given room has 'wind' and a 'sky' AKA humidity/precipitation variables. These both range from 0 (low) to 4 (high), giving 25 possible weather conditions (dry and stale with no wind to a hurricane-like downpour). Temperature is not tracked by the Cleft's weather system.

Each area and even each room can have its own modifiers to the conditions that the weather system provides. For example, a room with a +1 wind modifier will be more windy than another room in the same area.

The weather system updates every four ticks.

  • Weather affects a lot of Geomancer spells.
  • Weather can slightly modify the damage output of some Wizard spells.
  • The Ranboob race's special ability allows them to photosynthesize sunlight and absorb rainfall to survive instead of eating or drinking normally.
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