Twilight Sparkle
"I wasn't prepared for this... But I've got to honor Rarity's memory by continuing to fight."
Age: 22
Race: Sentient Unicorn
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Paranormal Deliverance Force


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Sweetie Belle - Owing to the death of Sweetie's former older sister, Rarity, as a result of corruption, Twilight's unwittingly been thrust into the role of an older sibling, through agreeing to adopt the growing filly and provide guidance.

Princess Celestia - Though their relationship is more of mentor and pupil, Twilight has become quite close to the Sun Princess through her older brother's marriage to Celestia's niece.

Princess Luna - Despite their first meeting resulting from the use of the Elements of Harmony to purge darkness from the Night Princess, and Celestia's younger sister, both Twilight and Luna have since grown closer as friends, in addition to the establishment of family bonds.

Princess Cadance - Aside from her brother, Twilight is also very close to her foal-sitter, and sister-in-law through marriage.

Shining Armor - As Twilight's older brother, and one of the three Captains of the Royal Guard, Shining Armor is also tied to the throne of the Crystal Empire as a Prince, through marriage to his younger sister's foal-sitter, Princess Cadance.


Julexa - While rather impulsive, and prone to getting in trouble, the small Pichu has still managed to find herself a place in Twilight's heart, and because of this, the unicorn and Pokemon have become quite close despite their differences.

Lynette Bishop - Despite meeting for the first time in the town square of Truce, both magic-capable snipers have become quick friends, deciding to stand united as members of the PDF.

Kagura - Though their first encounter was in a fierce fight under the harbor of Truce, the two have since made amends, and become friends.

Oboyo Jinsaka - Even though the two of them met by chance in Truce's harbor, Twilight still holds a good deal of respect for him, and has agreed to work with him as a member of the Paranormal Deliverance Force.

Rarity - As bearers of two of the Elements of Harmony, Rarity and Twilight have been quite close, even after their arrival in the Cleft. However, the conscious decision by the Generosity-bearer strained their friendship somewhat, leading to an empty void in Twilight's heart upon her friend's corruption and subsequent death.


Teleportation - As part of her extensive knowledge of magic, Twilight's quite capable of using it to teleport large groups at once, across rather large distances if she concentrates enough.

Spell acquisition - Equally useful is Twilight's ability to memorize various spells, or copy them simply through observing their use once.

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