Tonoe is a small farming village north of the Donut Plains.

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Source: Harvest Moon series
Builder: Ageatii
Level Range: 26-30
Linked: Yes

History Edit

189 - Tonoe is established.

216 - With his plumbing skills, Luigi creates a series of underground tunnels that connect to the nearby Donut Plains.

221 - Goa takes over the lowlands, including Tonoe.

229 - Utilizing the subterranean labyrinth, Fa'Diel forces take Goa on by surprise and force them out of the land.

Sights Edit

Harvest Spring Edit

There is a spring in the woods near Tonoe which was once used to worship the Harvest Goddess, an ancient sprite in the area thought to be responsible for the nutrient rich soil and abundant waterways.

Statue of Luigi Edit

The statue of an ancient hero Luigi has been erected in the town square, paying homage to the man who helped found the town and established underground waterways that act as a secondary source of water for the townspeople.

Travel Edit

The main route through Fa'Diel cuts through the town of Tonoe, and a mini-industry has been established to cater to the needs of travelers, much to the dismay of some locals.

Inhabitants Edit

Tonoe is inhabited mostly by local farmers. Some sprites used to live in the area, but haven't been seen lately.

Law, Government, and Politics Edit

Tonoe is an independent town located in the grassland Feh'Rul Province of Fa'Diel.

It has an elected mayor whose most important duties in such a small community are the organization of local farm-related festivals.

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