Comes armed with sneaky tricks

Style: Evade. Steal. ????? PROFIT!!
Primary Stat: Dexterity
HP Gain per Level: 7-10
MP Gain per Level: 1-1
Weapon Skills: 1* (Short Piercing + 1 other)

Contents[edit | edit source]

Thief[edit | edit source]

The Thief is a class adept at sneak attacks and avoiding the enemy. Thieves can move stealthily through areas and detect the stealth of others. They can pick locks, steal items, and do other generally underhanded things to assist them. Thieves do not get penalized experience points for fleeing combat.

At level 30, a Thief may evolve into either a Ninja or a Merchant. Thieves are proficient in short piercing (daggers) weapons and may select one other weapon type in which to be proficient.

The primary attribute of the thief is Dexterity.

Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Steal - Level 1 - Lag: 16

The Steal skill allows the user to remove things and cash from the target's inventory. Specifying 'steal coins', 'steal gold', or 'steal silver' will allow you to target the mob's money instead of their items. You can steal up to 1/4 of a mob's money (although you will still get the full amount for defeating them).
If you target only 'item', you will get an item at random. You cannot steal WORN equipment (see Help Pry).
You will always successfully get the item (or coins) you want. However, if you fail to be sneaky enough, your victim will attack you. Stealing in combat will prompt an extra attack if you fail. Sleeping people and those who can't see you are much easier to rob. After you steal successfully (coins or items), nobody can steal from that target again for a while, as they are affected by "empty wallet".

  • Dodge - Level 2 - Lag: ---

Dodge is a passive skill that allows a character to deftly avoid attacks. Unlike similar defensive skills, dodge is not at all affected by what sort of equipment the user wears.
Dodge has a skill/4% chance to work, halved when you can't see the attacker.

  • Circle - Level 2 - Lag: 6

It does 1.5x the damage of a regular attack, but it has more lag and is prone to miss unless used immediately after a successful dodge; at which point it is guaranteed to hit.

  • Kick - Level 5 - Lag: 18

Kick is a skill that can be used once the user is already in combat. Kick launches a flying kick at the enemy, causing damage. If the user's dexterity is high enough, up to two additional kicks can be comboed into the first one, causing additional damage. Kick does bashing damage based on the user's level.

  • Hide - Level 8 - Lag: 6

Hide allows the user to obscure his presence, preventing detection by most. Using this skill gives no success or failure message, however.
The only things that will un-hide you are: moving between rooms, initiating combat, and using the VISIBLE command.

  • Sneak - Level 8 - Lag: 6

The sneak skill, when activated and successful (visible in affects) allows the player to enter and exit rooms without alerting others. However, mobiles are ever alert and sneaking may not be enough to avoid aggressive action. Typing 'visible' will cancel the sneak affect.

  • Dirt Kick - Level 10 - Lag: 12

Kicking dirt into their target's eyes, or any other form of debris, the player can temporarily blind the target - lowering their hitroll and removing their ability to see. This skill can be used during combat or to initiate it.

  • Pick Lock - Level 15 - Lag: 12

Using picks, dexterous hands, or precise force, a player can unlock a once locked door or container. Exits and objects vary in difficulty in locks; some may be easier to open than others, while some may only be opened via the pick lock ability.

  • Sense Hidden - Level 15 - Lag: ---

The sense hidden skill provides the user with a chance to detect hidden characters. The user will have a chance to notice hidden characters whenever he looks in a room. Unlike other sources of detection, this skill is never assured to work. It may only reveal some or none of the characters hidden in a room.

  • Fling - Level 20 - Lag: 16

This ability allows the user to toss a wielded "short piercing" weapon at the enemy. Doing so will cause triple the regular damage of the weapon to the opponent. The thrown dagger will either bounce to the ground or be stuck in the opponent (in which case it goes to their inventory). By caching extra weapons to throw, heavy damage can be inflicted with fling.

  • Pry - Level 20 - Lag: 18

Pry is an active skill. With their weapon or hands, a player can pry off an item in the <hold> or <shield> slot of their opponent. A failed attempt will initiate an attack.
The base chance is your skill%
If the victim is asleep, then that chance is +50% If he can't see you, it's +25% And for every size category difference, there is a +/-10% modifier.

  • 2x-Cut - Level 25 - Lag: ---

The 2x-cut skill grants the user a chance at an extra attack during every round of combat. The effectiveness of this skill suffers dramatic reduction with exceptionally heavy weapons, and it works best when the user is skilled with their weapon in addition to 2x-cut.
Successive extra attacks deal decreasing fractional damage of the first attack.

  • Palm - Level 25 - Lag: 0

A skill of greed, the palm skill allows the player to pick up an object from the ground without being noticed. A failed attempt will only give the same echo that would be given if the player had just typed 'get <object>'.

Spells[edit | edit source]

Base Thief does not have any natural spells.

Ninja[edit | edit source]

The Ninja is one of two classes a Thief may evolve into at level 30.

Trained in sabotage, espionage, scouting, and assassination, their expertise lies in doing a lot of damage and avoiding aggression through stealth or hit-and-run tactics. Ninjas rely on quick reflexes through their various reactionary abilities.

Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Backstab - Level 30 - Lag: 24

The backstab skill can be used only with short piercing weapons, and it can only be used to initiate combat. Backstabbing the opponent allows delivery of a devastating blow, dealing several times normal damage. However, a failed backstab leaves the thief open to retaliation.
Backstab does triple weapon damage plus the one eighth of the user's level. It always hits against sleeping foes at 2% skill or better. But, it cannot be used on foes already at 1/3 hp or below. You must be HIDDEN or INVISIBLE to your opponent to sneak up on them.

  • Smokescreen - Level: 30 - Lag: ---

A passive skill, the smokescreen ability allows a fleeing player to toss down various reagents. In a series of reactions, the fleeing player can create a screen of smoke that masks the direction to which he fled to. This skill is checked each time the player flees.

  • Dual-Wield - Level: 30 - Lag: ---

Dual wield is a skill that allows the player to wield a second,one-handed weapon. With the dual wield skill, the player has a chance to strike with an extra attack during combat, using their secondary weapon. Secondary weapons are functional for the purposes of skills requiring a specific type of wielded weapon

  • Envenom - Level: 35 - Lag: 36

The dastardly envenom skill allows a weapon to be coated with a layer of poison. An envenomed weapon has a chance to poison the target, causing gradual HP drain. Food and drink containers can be envenomed as well.

  • Shadow Stalk - Level: 40 - Lag: ---

Shadow stalk is a passive skill that allows one to, surprisingly, stalk among the shadows. If the user is hidden, and attempts to move into a dark or night-time room, they will remain hidden.

  • Doppelganger - Level: 40 - Lag: 18

An active skill, the doppelganger ability allows the player to create a copy of themselves to take their place in combat. With the clone in place, the player may then flee. The clone drains the player's HP (at a rate of 10% of their max HP), and while it can take the damage, it cannot dish it out. The doppelganger skill can let you flee through a firetrap -- yours or anyone else's.

  • Firetrap - Level: 45 - Lag: 18

Used during combat, the firetrap skill allows the player to create a ring of fire that will prevent anyone in the room from fleeing. If they attempt to flee, they will take fire damage. Those immune to fire, however, can pass through the ring and flee normally.

  • Fumes - Level: 45 - Lag: 24

A combative skill, the fumes ability allows the player to drop canisters, unleashes a poison attack on anyone not grouped with them. The fewer the exits there are, the more potent the attack. The gas contains neurotoxin, capable of sending foes into fits of uncontrollable fear.

  • Double Image - Level: 50 - Lag: 12

The double image skill causes an afterimage of the user to appear, obscuring their location. Any damaging skill, spell, or special attack against the user has a 50% chance to hit the image instead, nullifying the attack and (usually) the illusion.

  • Incite - Level: 55 - Lag: 16

A crafty, stealthy ninja can trick his enemies into fighting one another. The incite skill uses a ruse to trick one target, the aggressor, into starting a fight with a second target, the victim.
Incite is much less likely to work if either target can see the user. Mobs that would normally assist each other in a fight are less likely to be incited against one another. Neither the aggressor nor the user can already be fighting.

Spells[edit | edit source]

  • Exit - Level: 35 - Lag: 24 - Mana: 70

When cast, the Exit spell will set the current room you are in as a recall point. When cast again, you will be teleported back to this room, but only if you are in the same area as your exit point. Casting Exit with the 'forget' target will make you forget any room you already have targetted.

  • Leeches - Level: 50 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 24

If the target of this spell is poisoned, Leeches will remove poison and damage them based on the duration left of the poison. The damage maxes out at 8 pulses of poison.

  • Shadow Step - Level: 60 - Lag: 6 - Mana: 20

This spell may be cast when you are victim of an attack that took away 1/4 or more of your max HP. You respond by returning damage equal to 1/4 of your max HP. While this ability has a fairly sizeable cooldown period, it incurs very little lag.

  • Phantom Cloak - Level: 65 - Lag: 24 - Mana: 120

This spell cloaks your whole group with invisibility for 30 seconds.

  • Jutsu - Level: 70 - Lag: 20 - Mana: 60

Highly skilled Ninjas can tap into their innate element, performing a magical jutsu attack. It will deal tier 1 damage of the caster's element to the target, and always attempts to inflict a status affect. The affect, like the damage, depends on the caster's innate.

Merchant[edit | edit source]

The Merchant is one of two classes a Thief may evolve into at level 30.

Merchants love money, and obtaining things with their stash of money. The abilities of a Merchant focus on obtaining more bang for their buck. They are able to horde around lots of items, and improve the abilities of said items. While they easily accumulate wealth, the Merchant is still quite stingy, making sure to get the best deal possible at stores.

Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Gilgame Heart - Level: 30 - Lag: ---

No pain, no gain, epitomizes the gilgame heart skill. Passive, it allows the player to convert their loss of blood into silver. With each point of health the player loses in combat, there is a chance that it will be converted into a silver coin. The amount of damage taken equals the amount of silver gained, at least when the skill is mastered.

  • GP-Toss - Level: 30 - Lag: 16

A skill of combat, gptoss can be used by the player to unleash a wave of damage on the target by utilizing the player's gold coin supply. If gold is not available silver will be used, but at a lesser potency.

  • Haggle - Level: 30 - Lag: ---

With the haggle skill, a player can convince a shopkeeper to sell an item for less than marked. Likewise, a player can also convince a shopkeeper to buy something for more than its original cost. This skill is passive and is checked each time the player buys or sells something.

  • Heave - Level: 33 - Lag: 16

With this ability, the user may heave their inventory at the enemy, dealing bash damage and knocking them down. The damage dealt is based on how many items you are carrying. Using this skill will not make you lose any of your inventory.

  • Peek - Level: 35 - Lag: 4

The peek skill allows the user to look into the inventories of other players or mobiles. This skill has a chance to activate whenever the user looks at someone, revealing the full contents of the target's inventory.

  • Swindle - Level: 35 - Lag: ---

With the swindle skill, a player can convince a shopkeeper that any item he has is worth something, and will be able trick the shopkeeper into purchasing items they normally would not be interested in. This ability does not stack with haggle, and the most a shopkeeper will give you for swindling them is half of the item's value. This skill is passive and is checked each time the player tries to sell something to a shopkeeper that doesn't buy that type of item.

  • Scuppered - Level: 40 - Lag: ---

With this passive ability, being an alcoholic won't be entirely detrimental to your advancement. At the expense of accuracy, you gain a bonus to damage while drunk.

Spells[edit | edit source]

  • Midas Glow - Level: 33 - Lag: 16 - Mana: 12

This spell will convert a piece of gold on hand into a source of light.

  • Create Booze - Level: 38 - Lag: 16 - Mana: 16

For fast, cheap alcohol, this spell beats nothing else. Create booze will conjure up a container of an alcohol beverage for your enjoyment. What type of alcohol you create depends on your Constitution stat.

  • Scan - Level: 40 - Lag: 16 - Mana: 12

Scan is the Identify spell of the Cleft, revealing information about the items you cast it on.

  • Floating Disc - Level: 45 - Lag: 24 - Mana: 120

This spell will create a floating disc equipped in your wearfloat item slot. The disc is capable of carrying large amounts of items, just as much as the owner is able to carry. If the owner dies, the floating disc will vanish, and it's contents will spill into their corpse.

  • Heat Metal - Level: 50 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 36

This spell, which heats gold and silver, IS in fact effective on those who are immune to fire. Essentially, all of the money on the victim heats up rapidly, causing some serious burns and softening the metal. A portion of the victim's carried coins melt away into nothingness and they take some severe scalding damage. Silver does less damage than gold when melted.

  • Aurum Aegis - Level: 50 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 60

While activated, this spell will protect you for 3 combat rounds. Any damage to your HP will be nullified and instead you will lose gold. You can only cast this spell on yourself.

  • Enchant Weapon - Level: 60 - Lag: 24 - Mana: 150

The Enchant Weapon spell improves a weapon using magic. Each successful application of the spell results in additional enhancement, but also increases the chance of cursing or even completely destroying the weapon! It is extremely unlikely to enchant a weapon more than nine or ten times.
An enchanted weapon improves its wielder's effective skill with that weapon by about 5% per enchant, even over 100%; the wielder will hit more often, make extra attacks more often, and get better returns from a high damroll stat. An enchanted weapon can even avoid the damage penalty for being unskilled. This spell also increases the level of the weapon it is cast on.

  • Enchant Armor - Level: 60 - Lag: 24 - Mana: 150

With the power of Enchant Armor, a caster can grant armor class bonuses to a piece of armor, making it more powerful. However, the more heavily enchanted the armor is, the greater the chance that the spell will fail. A failed casting can result in a weakened or even destroyed armor. Use this spell with caution, for it may very easily wreck the piece it is cast on! This spell also increases the level of the armor it is cast on.


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