The Veldt is a sprawling grassland which takes up a large portion of central Fa'Diel. It is located east of the Oreyndur Forest and south of Mabe Village.


A popular sight on the Veldt is the random giant spire sticking out of the ground that no one seems to care about.


Flying arclings, protective Buffalax, and giant moogle eating Behemoths make up the population here. It is also a popular place for Hunters to find prey to hang on their walls.

Law, Government, and Politics

The Veldt is part of Fa'Diel but no government force polices it. There's only one rule in the wild: eat or be eaten.

The Veldt
To the south is the Veldt. There are dangerous creatures there.
Source: Final Fantasy 3
Builder: Versalia & Kuponzaa
Level Range: 36-40
Linked: Yes
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