There are various liquids that players can consume in the Cleft of Dimensions. The main purpose of liquids is to re-hydrate the player, since being thirsty decreases a player's regeneration rates by half and skills by 10%. Some liquids can also make you less hungry or even make you drunk.

The drink container and fountain object types can both contain liquids and are used with the 'drink' command. Potions are also used with the 'drink' command but don't contain liquids in the normal sense.

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A vehicle is a type of item which is similar to furniture.

To use a vehicle, a player only has to 'sit' in it as if it were a piece of furniture. From there, they can type normal movement commands (north, south, etc) to move both themselves and the vehicle to another room while still seated.

Some vehicles can have multiple people seated in them. Passengers will not be shown room descriptions as they are taken through different rooms.

Entering portal-type items, getting into fights, being transferred by an mprog, and using action socials (like climb) to move between rooms will cause the driver to fall off the vehicle, leaving it behind.

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