Thanksgiving Edit

Each year some turkeys show up.


Holiday Costume Show Edit

[143] Carsanquay: Halloween Costume Event
Mon Oct 30 22:38:38 2006
To: all
Sometime tomorrow, this Halloween, we will be hosting an event!  Please
come to Truce dressed up as a character of your choosing.  You can either
wear equipment to make you look like someone else or write a description to
serve the same purpose.  We will go trick-or-treating in the Cleft and the
people with the best costumes will certainly get the best candy!  


Trick or Treat Special Edit

Participants were given a trick or treat baggie, and had to take the candy from various areas of the Cleft. The more candy you collected at the end, the better the prize you could choose. Each candy was worth 1 point, with a list of prizes with different point prices.

Notable prize purchases include:

Madoushi purchased a reference to himself in one of the Cleft's areas.

1st Annual Holiday Combat Tournament Edit

Took place in December 2004

List of participants is lost to time, but the winner of the tournament was Pumki Pumki won the special skill: Brainbuster, which sets the target's HP to 1.

2nd Annual Holiday Combat Tournament Edit

Took place in December 2005

Lower Division
Rank Player Prize
Champion Elijah
2nd Zeru
3rd Negi
4th Bosh
Upper Division
Rank Player Prize
Champion Milo
2nd Chaos
3rd Bahamut
4th Gforte
5th Madoushi
5th Variance

3rd Annual Holiday Combat Tournament Edit

Took place in December 2006.

Other Edit

Somebody (Sioux?) won a special item:

Freigur's Smile
Adds immunity to disease and poison.
Adds Detect Evil and Protection from Evil (reduced damage from evil mobs).
Freigur's Smile may have been given to Pumki as well, because of his role in it's creation.

2007 Edit

Summoner Art Event Edit

Draw a Cleft inspired picture of a summoner using their summoning abilities to help defeat a foe.


The results can be found here.

Valentines Day Special Edit

Participants answered questions about things in the Cleft, followed by a scavenger hunt. Answering a question or finding a heart piece netted you 1 Piece of Heart.

Piece of Heart
-Obtaining 4 Pieces of Heart gave you 50 extra maximum HP.

December Present Events Edit

Each December, locked presents are left behind under a Christmas tree and players may grab one per character. On Dec 24 or later, these presents may be opened. Items in the presents range from restring tokens, to unique items, to a pile of poop.

Those who wish to package personalized presents for other players will be charged a handling fee of 1 gold for the first, and 50 for an subsequent presents. They may label who the present is from or they may leave it anonymous.

There will also be a Secret Santa Event. Here are the rules from 2009:

1) To apply, post a note to immortal titled: Secret Santa
2) On December 7th, signups close and participants receive a note
   detailing which person, picked randomly, will receive their gift.
   -In the spirit of the event, please do not tell this person
3) Contents must be the value of the gifter's level x5 in gold
   -If you are under level 16 you will receive 50 gold to help
4) If you do not wish to seek out existing items and instead wish
   to create a custom item for your giftee, you must have your
   special item approved and pay a fee of level x5 in gold.
   -If you are under level 16 you will receive 25 gold to help
5) Players who fail to follow the above rules will not receive
   their Secret Santa present.
6) Secret Santa presents will be opened with all other presents.

Utensil Wars Tourney Edit

Check Utensil_Wars

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