Here is where I will be keeping brief summaries of events pertaining to the Stars of Destiny.

Week 1: Jan 18thEdit

Commander Deim set up security around the Jinsaka Manor, which is the HQ of the Paranormal Deliverance force. Twilight was recruited in Truce, who promised to fight in order to honor her friend's memory. Spitfire and Helios were recruited in Shrike by Oboyo and Launchpad.

After receiving information from Moit, the PDF mobilized in Truce to engage Ghost Nappa. With the help of onlookers, they succeeded and established the presence of the PDF. Oboyo demonstrated the power of the Spirit Rune and invited any who would fight to join them.

Week 2: Jan 25thEdit

Following the PDF back from Truce at her own pace, Lynette Bishop joined with Twilight's recommendation. Helios answered Egon's call for help and assisted in preparing a second proton gun. A banquet was held to honor the PDF's victory in Truce and to welcome those who joined from that battle.

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