Cleft of Dimensions Wiki
Pickpocket - NL
Age: ??
Race: Giganto
Status: Alive
Affiliation: New Luberia


Sisemen always loved the rush of adrenaline, the thrill of danger, and the knowledge that if someone caught him where he was, his head would probably be decorating some spear somewhere. Afterall, people usually frowned quite heavily upon someone they don't know rooting through their houses and whatnot. Lucky for him, he was quite good at getting out of places, even if he was less than stellar at sneaking in.

A native-born Cleftie, Sisemen didn't stay at home that much, preferring to be out and exploring places. Sadly, sooner or later that grew to include other people's houses instead of just the countryside. More exciting anyhow. He quickly realized that he wasn't that cut out for the typical 'evil thief' sterotype, doubly since he didn't really /want/ what most other people had. The fun and challenge was the entering and exiting, not the taking!

This mentailty, which by the way didn't go over well with the locals (believe it or not), probably helped Nanashi sway him to join New Luberia with little to no objections. Hell, something to do, right?

ARMs Wielded By Sisemen[]

NATURE ARM: Fish Stick: Allows breathing and normal mobility underwater, but gives skin a fishlike appearance.

Nature ARM: Hamfist: Hardens the user's hands to the density of stone.

WEAPON ARM: Butterfly Knife: A dinky little weapon that can change form between a foldout knife and a small monarch butterfly on command.

DIMENSION ARM: Shadow Stalker: Allows travel between shadows; you have to either see the other shadow or know for a fact it's there (like, say, you can always go to Brigantes). Requires defined shadows, so it doesn't work for pitch blackness/dark nights.

DARKNESS ARM: Black Rain: Puts victims to sleep, slowly poisoning them. User receives cuts and lacerations as the effect goes on.