Cleft of Dimensions Wiki
A misfortunate person appeared ♠
Age: 19
Race: Human
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Versalia



Expression varying from wild grin to passive neutrality, this man appears to bear an above average build, body appearing to be naturally build for quick and swift movement. Lithe in step and form, he is a figures that stands at well near six feet in height dressed in what appears to be mundane navy blue school uniform set up in military fashion. His feet, decorated with more casual jogging shoes, scuffled by what appears to be minor use. Jet black hair pronouncing his features, he bears pointed chin and silvery blue eyes, face unmarred by any significant scars. Overall, he appears to have a rather "youthful" appearance.




Within combat, he appears to be swift and ruthless, he is one to act toward one's vitals, striking accurately and dancing about the battlefield as if playing with simply toys. Dangerously, he appears to be quit fond of causing one to forfeit through pain. If not is one to simply strike fatally before turning tail. Though, he is one to typically stop if one surrenders. Otherwise, he is rather unpredictable even in the amount of skill he wishes to relent.


Envenomation, interrogation, dismemberment, firearms, knivework, archery, stamina based exercises and acrobatics. He appears to have excellent eyesight and bears a tremendous hand eye coordination. Generally dangerous in anything he actually wishes to -try- in. Otherwise, in certain unlisted enterprise his talents from abysmal to whimsical interest such of the study of long past history or niche skills like sea navigation. All his skills are mainly combat orientated and has zero aptitude in standard magic.