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King Vegeta of the planet Vegeta. His son is also named Vegeta so you can get some idea of the creativity of your average Saiyan.

Saiyans are violent people with tails that turn into giant apes.


Saiyans are good at punching stuff.


                STR INT WIS DEX CON
Starting Stats: 15  11  11  14  14
Maximum Stats:  21  16  16  19  19

Saiyans can access their Oozaru form for (40 + level/5) pulses by looking at the sky when the moon is full or mostly full. This gives them 20% more HP, +4 to Strength, gives them an extra attack in combat (which stacks with Haste), and makes all normal attacks do 25% more damage. Transforming prevents them from casting spells until it wears off, however.

Saiyans also hunger twice as fast as other races.