The Safari Zone is a wildlife reserve just south of the Donut Plains.

Safari Zone
Source: Pokemon
Builder: Tenor
Level Range: 26-30
Linked: Yes

History Edit

305 - Walla Walla establishes a wildlife reserve to the south of Donut Plains in the Biscuit Hills.

309 - Construction of walls around the wildlife reserve are finished in order to repell poachers.

316 - Against much public protest, the wildlife reserve is opened up to the public and renamed the "Safari Zone" under Sheriff Tarnashun's tenure.

Sights Edit


Travel Edit

A road leads here from the Donut Plains further north.

Inhabitants Edit


Wildlife Edit

Overhunted pokemon inhabit this area and roam semi freely (a large fence borders the area). Since the wildlife reserve was opened, these animal populations began to recover, until the reserve was open to the public, now the numbers have plateaued.

Law, Government, and Politics Edit

The Safari Zone is managed by Fort Walla Walla.

Much controversy exists over the decision to open up the Safari Zone to the public, as it has greatly increased the amount of poaching in the area. Some believe Walla Walla turns a blind eye to the poachers because they have been paid off.

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