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Activity: Apathetic
Form: fat rich bastard
Element: Fire
Influence: Wealth and Labor

Has the appearance of an old man wearing both rags and jewelry. Has influence over wealth and labor.

Avatars: None

Followers: King Manmon, Mr. Moti and siblings

Monuments: Gold Tower


Level 103

HP: 99999 MP: $9,999,999 MV: 9999


GP Toss: ??? $

Palm: 5 MV

Haggle: 1 MV

Steal: 9000 MV

Scan: 0 MP

Abundance: 0 MP

Alchemy: 1 to 9,999,999 MP - Transform any substance to any other subtance

Auto Skills:

Gilgame Heart

Money Tree: Generates wealth

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