Cleft of Dimensions Wiki

Here is a list of recent non-code related changes or additions to the Cleft of Dimensions. Items that have been implemented longer than four months will be removed from the list unless they refer to closure due to revisions in progress.

Area Changes[]

New Areas[]

09-07-27 Kakkara Desert has been expanded and relinked via Truce Ferry.
09-06-07 Rolante Mountain has been revised and relinked beyond the Lofty Mountains.
09-06-03 Tonoe has been linked north of the Donut Plains.
09-01-05 El Nido Triangle has been revised and relinked beyond the Western Sea.
08-12-28 Douglas Island has been linked through the Viorar ferry.
08-12-24 Mt Rolante has been revised and relinked past Loftarasa Mts.
08-12-23 Bequerel Mine has been linked east of Viorar.
08-09-21 RY Factory Ruins have been linked south of Sulfataska Mountains.

Area Edits and Closures[]

09-06-27 The following areas have been closed for revisions:
         Gigan Canyons, Haunted Wastelands, Spirit Temple, Gigantos Stronghold
09-06-27 Cannon Travel has been changed to only send you to Bubbly Clouds.
         Bean Valley has been expanded.
09-06-17 Viorar has been made available as a second recall point.
         S.S. Zelbess is relinked.
         Shortcut available through Luon Highway for cash.
09-06-08 Mining has been introduced outside Bequerel Mine.
09-01-24 Armored Ants no longer move around rooms. This should fix a minor bug with the puzzle.
09-01-17 S.S. Zelbess is closed for revisions. A warp pipe will temporarily lead to Viorar
           from Truce Pier.
         Frosty Forest mobs are more interesting and more difficult.
         Freeza Spaceship's bosses are easier.
09-01-08 Joel Island's fort's enemies heal themselves less often.
         Joel Island's fort's boss is easier.
         Fort Walla Walla's boss is MUCH easier. (Was doing over 100 damage per round)
         Safari Zone tickets cost 1 gold now. They used to cost 10 gold.
09-01-08 Arlia is closed for revisions.
08-09-01 Viorar's descs have been trimmed.

Other Changes[]

09-01-08 Materia have different spells now.
         Ferry tickets are much cheaper now. (Except the S.S. Zelbess)