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Age: 100 Demon Years/15 Human
Race: Hellion
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Gypsy Rose

A type of demon who appears in the form of a small, fur-covered imp. She can conjure minor illusions, and produce a weak burst of foliage from her environment. Supposedly, when she has obtained enough power, she will 'evolve' into her adult form. She wields the vampire killer Blood Rose, and claims it was a birthday gift from the vampire lord who used it before her. She joined Gypsy Rose after Coraveda hired a ninja to steal the weapon. She succeeded, and used it as bargaining material for her invitation. Although Coraveda believes Rachel is weak, and originally wanted her around for nothing more than her weapon, she has come to have faith that the tenacious and fierce hellion will prove her usefulness.

Attacks Edit

Petal Blast: Sends a burst of foliage into the air, mainly used as a distraction. Can be more deadly combined with other spells.

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