Age: 24 Years
Race: Jumi
Status: Alive
Affiliation: None

Quinn is a Jumi with a core of quartz. He is originally from the Jumi gypsy tribe of the Highlands, but was sent to Gold City to accompany Calaveras. He is a sort of battlemage, able to use rudimentary offensive spells to supplement physical attacks. He can also commune with Mana Spirits to a certain degree, and is able to use spells only through their influence.

Quinn seems cold and distant, although he seems to bend to Calaveras's every word. He warms up in time, however, and does show a formidable tenacity when pressed. He has a tendency to spend money like water, although that's mostly at Calaveras's bidding, as he seems unable to refuse her anything.

Quinn's skill system is a derivation of the school of weapons mastery seen in Legend of Mana. Basic techniques combine to form more versatile combo skills, as well as weapon-specific Ougis (special techniques).

Skills and SpiritsEdit

Basic Skills

Jump - Quinn has mastered the art of temporarily defying gravity by applying a force against the ground, causing a reactionary force to propel him in the opposite (upward) direction. In other words, he can jump fairly well.

Push - Quinn knows how to throw his weight around, and can use it to throw someone else's in turn.


Cutting Bamboo - A one-handed sword technique, Quinn leaps into the air, then bring his sword down hard on an opponent, cutting them like a troublesome stalk of bamboo.


Undine - His communion with the Water Spirit, Undine, allows him to use basic water-type spells.

Luna - Luna is actually contradictory to his own element, and until he can acheive a bond with all 8 Mana Spirits, cannot use any Moon-aligned spells; his control over the art is not sufficient to allow him to counteract the disadvantage of his innate elemental tendency.

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