Project Tuna is the specialized Cleft of Dimensions client.

The game can be played with any normal Telnet client as well, but without the enhanced features.

Enabling Special FeaturesEdit

Project Tuna's special features require builders to take some additional steps when making their area.

Mob AssetEdit

The Mob Asset command allows builders to play music at the player or put art in their tertiary window


Syntax: mob asset <victim> sound <file>

Example: mob asset all sound qst1

A list of current sounds is available in the secret staff-only portion of the forums.


Syntax: mob asset <victim> art <helpfile name> <duration in beats, -1 means until toggled>

Example: mob asset $i art art_kaleidoscope -1

This allows the builder to shove an ascii image into the tertiary window for special effects. The ascii image takes the form of any normal helpfile, but asciiart files should be prefixed with art_ for organization purposes. Art files probably shouldn't be more than about 60 characters wide to prevent wrapping.


Creating a map for an area, visible in the tertiary window (or with the Map command), consists of creating a helpfile with the same name as the area with three zeroes on the end (EG truce.are000). The zeroes are a placeholder for possible future sophistication.

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