The Pillars of Nosgoth
Sr Pillars
Source: Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
Builder: Arilothas
Level Range: 86 - 95
Linked: Yes

Deep in the Kakkara Desert a crumbling ruin slumbers. And it is said that there, in that forgotten corner of that sand-choaked wasteland that time has lost its meaning. An eternal night hangs over those shattered halls, forever holding dawn at bay. It is said that even a clock would abruptly stop if brought within range of the Pillars.

Unlike most places that have found their way into the cleft, the Pillars of Nosgoth has changed little, if at all, since it appeared. Its inhabitants are ages old, mutated and disfigured creatures whose origins have been all but forgotten in the annals of time.

In its own reality, the Pillars of Nosgoth were once the anchor of the planet. They were the source of life and power. The lands very heart. Legend said that if the nine pillars were to fall, all of Nosgoth would be lost.

Then in one fel blow, Kaine, the betrayer, toppled the Pillars and doomed Nosgoth to a slow and agonizing death. Yet somehow, just when all hope was lost, Kaine and a handful of the vampire race found themselves, and the ruined remains of the Pillars, in a vast desert, very far removed from the dying world they had come from.

And that is were they have remained, lurking in the shadows of that forgotten ruin, waiting for anyone who may dare enter their realm.

Jango Says:
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Brave is the soul who would dare venture into such an accursed place. And few are they who make it out alive.
-- Jango
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