Permanent Pets[edit | edit source]

Versalia is in charge of permanent pets.

How Permanent Pets work for Players[edit | edit source]

When you buy your pet from the shop, the pet will have a hidden value set to its base level. Vampumpkins, for example, will always show up as level 30 in your group, as this is their base level. However, each time you level up, your pet will also level up. Your vampumpkin may still show level 30, but that hidden value is keeping track just fine! Good? Good!

Should you purchase a pet from the shop that is of a lower level than you, it will level up each time you kill something until it catches up to you in level. After that, it will level up each time you do. At intervals of 5, 10, or 15 levels, pets gain substantially in HP, armor class, damdice, an extra hit per round, etc. If your pet has not improved in a while, it is probably going to be worth your while when it does!

Note that permanent pets cannot be separated from you. They will always appear shortly in the room with their master should the two be separated. If for any reason the pet does not come back to you, casting or using a "Word of Recall" item will recall both you and your pet to Truce.

Pets can learn special abilities, too! Special abilities require that the pet be of a minimum level and holding a special item [in their inventory, not in the HOLD slot]. If they have this item, and they meet the level requirement, the next time they level up the object will be consumed and they will learn a new ability! The object required for each ability is completely different, and for some, there may not be any clues as to which pet you should even give it to or at what level.

Some special abilities can be performed on command, such as the Vampumpkin's FLASH. Permanent pets do have a limited pool of MP, and will consume some of it for using its powers.

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