Pets are charmed NPCs that follow you around and can assist you in combat in various ways. There are three primary types of pets which will be discussed in detail below.


Pets are obtained by purchasing them from stores, casting specific spells (Animate Golem, for example), or completing quests. Players may only own one pet at a time. Most pets are designed to routinely check if their owner is with them, and go to them if they are separated or the owner recalls. Pets may be controlled with the order command. Pets are the only type of NPC that will stay with you when you log out of and back into the game.

Crafted Pets - Some store pets require you collect multiple items to "make" them.

Brigantes Pets - A pet shop in Brigantes has pets that gain stats every few levels. This is the only kind of pet that gains levels through combat. These pets also have the potential to gain new abilities, which can be activated on verbal command.

Gigan Hold Pets - A pet shop in Gigan Hold has a pet that you must pay every in-game day to keep around. Gigan Hold pets can be told to use their abilities either on verbal command. They can also be set to "autopilot" mode, where they will activate their abilities randomly.

Examples: spark imp, seasoned crab, armor golem


Followers (AKA Charmies) cannot be purchased from stores, but are created by many spells or events. Followers can be controlled with the order command, and most will not routinely check for their owner and goto them, but can still be summoned with the Gather spell. Some spells which summon followers will make them vanish after a few combat rounds (EG Fairy, Bullet Bill, etc).

When you Charm/Tame/Enslave a target, they become a temporary follower, not a pet (see above). This means that once you log out of the game, you will lose them, even if the Enslave spell has been cast on them.

You may have two or more followers, depending on your class and skills. Pets count against this limit.

Examples: legionnaire, animated skeleton, anything you 'catch' when you use a Pokeball.


Not technically a charmed follower at all, these NPCs will not have the (Charmed) tag when you look at a room. They are only sometimes flagged to assist whoever they are following (some are flagged to assist any player), and might not follow the leader through transfers and teleportations, and cannot be Gathered. Allies cannot be 'order'ed.

Examples: domesticated dogs


These are special, often quest NPC allies who will assist you and have all the limitations of Allies. The game restricts players to having only one Partner at a time.

Examples: Synch


(Charmed) Flag Orderable Returns on Login Gather Spell Sticks w/ you Count Limit
Pet Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 1
Follower Yes Yes No Yes Maybe 2 or more
Ally No No No No Depends Depends
Partner No No No No Depends 1
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