Nov 2006: Example Area Edit

Player: Celery

Review Date: 11-10-06

Hi this is a fake review. I am saying stuff here. The review below this is a template that does not have to be used at all. It merely exists for those who want something to follow. Scores are not necessary. If you use scores keep in mind that while in school 5/10 is an F grade, here it would mean average, since the number is right in the middle.

Player: Mister Example

Review Date: 11-10-06

Descriptions 1/10

What the heck? Every room has the same description and all of the lines are too colorful and horribly mispelled! The descs are only one line long. They also keep telling me what emotions I am feeling.

Balance 10/10

All of the monsters are perfectly balanced. All of the objects are perfectly balanced. Blabla etc.

Attractions 0/10

There is nothing to do here but kill monsters for xp. Absolutely nothing. No puzzles, no quests. The monsters don't even respond to the talk social.

Connections 3/10

The climate of this area is a stretch considering how even though it says its a dry area it is always raining and is right next to the Soloxo Ocean area. I am not sure how this area can have so many pumpkinheads wandering around in front of the police station when on the continent the area is located in, they're supposed to be shot on sight.

Personal 7/10

omgz like i have to give this a decent rating cause its from my favorite area. i like how soandso was included from that other game etc.

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