Myrkur Mountains
The Macabre tombstone in the Mts
Source: Various
Builder: Ageatii
Level Range: 76-80
Linked: Yes

The Myrkur Mountains is a place in Fa'Diel. The Macabre Tombstone is there.

History Edit

91 - The Macabre Tombstone appears at the top of the mountains.

100 - A group of explorers scale the mountains in search of Angel Tower. They die.

Sights Edit

The Macabre Tombstone Edit

A tombstone that is rumored to connect the world of the dead with the world of the living. It also has the names of those who will die carved into it. They say if you read the tombstone, you will see your name first and then die.

Angel Tower Edit

An ancient tower that stood here when the Cleft was first created.

Lelanol's Lair Edit

Dragons live here.

Travel Edit

These mountains are incredibly unscalable. Almost all paths up there are too dangerous. The mountains are very tall, black, and jagged and pointy.

Inhabitants Edit


Many spellcasters interested in the dark arts call this their home, because they wish to "draw energy" from Angel Tower and the Macabre Tombstone. Many are practicing necromancers.


Old, intelligent dragons slumber in certain sections of the mountains. They are not legendary on their own, but comprise of a small clan that merely watches the time go by.


Lanky, hairy goblins have adapted to the extreme conditions found in the mountains, and have lived in isolation for so long, they no longer speak the common tongue.


Other smaller dragons wander the mountains, and these ones are much more aggressive. There are also huge birds that somehow survive without their heads. In the pits of the dark mountain, vaporous creatures of dark energy known as the Ing thrive.

Law, Government, and Politics Edit

All of the mountains fall into Fa'Diel territory and are considered undesirable to almost everyone.

Parts of the Myrkur Mountains are covered in eternal night, through influence of the Mana Stone of Moon. The Beast Kingdom considers these sections to fall under its rule, but they generally avoid this area.

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