Mt. Rolante
Holy god, that's a high mountain
Source: Seiken Densetsu Series
Builder: Versalia
Level Range: 56-65
Linked: Yes

Mt. Rolante is a mountain in the Loftarasa Range. Riese is the princess and ruler here. There are no buildings or castles left in Rolante - Sorceress Vulpecula ran the kingdom to ruin. However, the descendants of the rightful ruler have continued their way of life here, completely attuned to nature and the mountain's terrain.

Rolante has the highest peak of any mountain in the Loftarasa range. Due to this, it is incredibly windy on most parts of the mountain. The amazons who live there have channeled the wind into various defensive mechanics, like the Corridor of Wind. The Corridor is a series of tunnels dug into the mountainside, with strategic holes to the outside, allowing wind to funnel into the holes and come blasting out into the Corridor.

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