Cleft of Dimensions Wiki

Quest Skills[]


These are the quests that show titles when you begin them Some quests involve multiple parts!

Carlie Arc[]

  • Incomplete Story

Carlie in Trouble!


Goa Arc[]

  • Incomplete Story

The Curse on Joel Island

Drowned Dreams

Flowers for Thoma

In Search of Mana: Spirit of the Moon


Iktoa Arc[]

Requiem of Spirit

The Fallen Mountain

Jumi Arc[]

  • Incomplete Story

The Lost Princess

Two Pearls and the Glass Tower



The Baptism of Flames

The Comedy Goldmine

Doctor Wily's Lab

The Doorway of Death

In Search of Mana

Lucavi Atrum

The Luon Trail

Meteorological Report: Forecasted Dimensional Disturbances

The Proto Dome

The Snow Queen

Trouble in Guardia Castle

The Truth is Far From Here

The Wild Boy

Boss Battles![]

These are the entities that show the Boss Battle title when you fight them. They are arranged by their level, or specially categorized.

25 - The Sorceress Sabera, one of Goa's Finest Four

40 - Magus, Dark Master of the Arcane Arts

45 - Fenrir, Wolf Esper of the Night

50 - Most Sinister of Pastries, the Kugelhupf

50 - The False Chancellor

55 - Legendary Monster of the Jumi, the Jewel Beast

55 - Kasdeya, Lucavi of the Libra Stone

60 - Xaphan, Lucavi of the Cancer Stone

60 - Twinrova, the Antipodean Witches of Ganon

70 - Daangard, God-beast of Wind

70 - Enraged Earth Elemental, Thardus

75 - Gamma, the "Peacekeeping" Robot

75 - Land Umber, God-beast of Earth

75 - The Assassin Mado, one of Goa's Finest Four

85 - Aisu, Tortured Sister of Arctic

85 - Guardian of the Cleft, Cyx

85 - Enchanted Servant of Evil, Pumki

85 - Legendary Beast of Magic, Bahamut

75 - Drunken Master Conjurer, Madoushi

90 - Tremor of the Upper Mantle, Molgera

Expellian Island bosses (Lvl 90-100)[]

Acidic Dungeon Guardian, The Blood Gel

The Rogue Katamari

Geno, Star Guardian

The Necromancer Scullda

Uriel, the Angel of Fire

The Demon Lord, Maou Mudo

Utensil Wars[]

The Largest Areas (filesize)[]

  1. Sea of Wonders (split between two files)
  2. Expellian Island
  3. Loftarasa Range
  4. Madra Ice Field
  5. Spirit Temple
  6. Jungle of Illusion
  7. Barrel Volcano
  8. Pillars of Nosgoth
  9. Monotoli Building
  10. Viorar
  11. Orbonne Monastery
  12. Final Weapon
  13. Joel Island
  14. Gold City
  15. Luon Highway
  • Not counting World, Immortal, or similar container-type areas


Syntax (do not remove)

example: addapply affect none 0 slow
  Adds slow effect
example: addapply resist AC 10 fire
  Adds 10 AC and fire resistance