McNeil Woods
~You have been KILLED!!~
Source: Breath of Fire 3
Builder: Arilothas
Level Range: 26-35
Linked: Yes

The McNeil Woods takes up a large portion of eastern Fa'Diel, south of the Sulfataska Mountains. The Veldt lies not far to the west.

No one really knows why they are called the McNeil Woods. Perhaps they were named after the first person who discovered them in Fa'Diel. Or perhaps there is a different meaning.

Many creatures make their home in these woods, odd breeds of animals, monsters, and humans alike. While most of the forests inhabitants are fairly docile, the goblins are territorial and irritable. They are well known for attacking those who may brave McNeil's trails, so well known, in fact, that many would-be adventurers steer clear of the the woods it at all possible.

The humanoids found in the Woods are a fairly eclectic lot as well, though they are easily out numbered by the goblins and the other denizens of the forest. If you should go looking for them, tread carefully lest you find yourself another victim of the goblin horde.

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