Mathilde Q. Koopa
The Q stands for Quincy!
Age: 18
Race: Koopa
Status: Alive
Affiliation: None

Background Edit

Mathilde is a Koopa who grew up in the Mushroom Kingdom. When she was very young, her father defected from the Koopa Troops, smuggled his family out of Koopa Kingdom, and vanished - leaving Mathilde, brother Matthias, and mother Martha alone with the stigma that followed the many subsequent invasions led by Bowser. Undaunted, her family became self-sufficient, keeping to themselves and living off the land. Mathilde learned the art of being a summoner from her mother, while her brother made his way as a hunter.

One day, however, her brother didn't come back from a hunting trip into the Mushroom Forest. Mathilde, searching for him, fell into a strange silver warp pipe in the forest and plunged into Guardia, whereupon the pipe vanished into the ground. Stranded, she explores this strange new world with enthusiastic curiosity, making the best of her situation until the time comes when her family will be reunited once again.

Personality Edit

At first glance, Mathilde appears to be quite naive. Innocent, idealistic - some would say sheltered, or even ignorant. Truth be told, she simply has not had much experience outside the Mushroom Kingdom - and her exposure to even that place is limited. But she is also quite creative, which is part of what makes her so adept at summoning. She laughs often, smiles constantly, and has a consistently bright and silly disposition despite her circumstances, only occasionally waxing melancholy at the thought of her family.

She also has quite a talent for shadow puppetry and origami.

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