Mana stones are a physical manifestation of Mana which give their element a greater influence in the surrounding area, and likely possess great power. They have a magic seal on them which keeps the Mana Holyland closed. They also contain, or once contained, the God-Beasts of Mana.

There are eight of them, one for each aspect of Mana. They are ostensibly guarded by their associated Mana Spirits.

  • Earth - Somewhere in the Haunted Wasteland. It dried out the entire nation of Iktoa into a giant awful desert over a long period of time.
  • Fire - ???
  • Wind - Within Final Weapon, high above the surface of the Cleft. The winds generated by this mana stone power the space station via wind turbines in its interior.
  • Water - ???
  • Light - In Gold City. It sheds light over Gold City and the surrounding areas, bathing them in eternal sunshine.
  • Dark - ???
  • Moon - In the Midnight Gardens. It casts the Beast Kingdom and Viorar into eternal nighttime.
  • Wood - ???
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