Madra Ice Field
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Source: Tactics Ogre
Builder: Versalia
Level Range: ???
Linked: Yes

Pack extra socks.

Madra Ice Field is very cold. But you probably knew that from the name.

It used to be the kingdom of Brigantes and full of shrine maidens who worshipped Arctic. Many years ago the castle was under siege by Sorceress Vulpecula, the fire witch. Hoping to gain the aid of the weather-goddess, the King himself entered the temple of Arctic to pray. However, he had unwittingly and boldly broken Arctic's law against men in her holy places, enraging the fickle goddess. Rather than repel the invaders, she split open the earth and swallowed Brigantes - nearly whole - into the earth, so neither side could have it. She then summoned the Madra Ice Field over it, to snow for all eternity. Most of the inhabitants died, creating the revenant souls and frigid maidens that now wander there.

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