Lorien Highlands
Rolling green hills
Source: Original
Builder: Versalia
Level Range: 35-45
Linked: Yes

History Edit

Sights Edit

Many shepherds tend their flocks in the Highlands, because of the open, grassy hillsides and the nearby river. Fishing is fairly common, although restricted to the calmer section of the river (which can flow very fast, depending on the season). Lorien Highlands is the only place where fishermen can catch both the Guardia Lobster and the Fa'Diel Catfish.

Travel Edit

Travelling through Oreyndur Forest is the only way to access these rolling green hills. However, Lorien Highlands serves as an important travel route to Bean Valley, Goreomemu Swamp, and probably Eldin Mountain. The terrain can get extremely rocky, but most of the hillside is covered with vibrant green grass. There is a beaten path which travelers stick to, but there are also stone Cairns to help the lost stay on their path.

Inhabitants Edit

A group of Gypsies has lived between the Highlands and the Coronar Lowlands for many, many years. They inhabit the Highlands when the river runs high and floods their lowland campsites. They inhabit the Lowlands when the water level drops again, taking advantage of the Lowlands' superior fishing and fruit trees, and easier-to-traverse terrain. The Highlands, in contrast, are a much more protected and secure location.

Law, Government, and Politics Edit

The Highlands are precisely on the barrier between Guardia and Fa'Diel, but travel through Fa'Diel's Oreyndur forest is required to get there, so there may be some contention as to which territory it "belongs" to. It is the beginning of the Sulfataska Range, existing where the mountains drop down to mere hills next to the river. There is no organized community, except for the autonomous Gypsies.

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