[*OOC*] Lilly 'That reminds me of a giant brown pickle, for some weird reason. :D'
Activity: Active
Form: female esper huntress
Element: Wood
Influence: Animals and Hunting

Protector and patron of animals. She is often worshipped by communities with livestock and even hunters. Appears as a young innocent girl but also has a treacherous "Beast Mode."

Avatars: Vampires, Dragons

Followers: ???

Monuments: Various small shrines created by people in the wild


Level 105

HP:6666 MP:9999 MV: 800


Summon Anything: Except gods; well, some of them

Auto Skills:

Sensory Perception: Has the eyes of a hawk, the nose of a hound, the etc etc.

Communication Skillz: Knows every language ever spoken or unspoken by all living things.

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