Lelanol's Lair
-- And then, using consummate V's, give him teeth, spinities, and angry eyebrows.
Source: Halfblood Chronicles + other stuff
Builder: Lilly + Ageatii
Level Range: 71-75
Linked: Yes

Lelanol's Lair is a craggy aerie full of big old dragons. It's in Fa'Diel in the Myrkur Mountains, sort of past Lasacul.

History Edit

100 - An army of undead escape the Underworld and start some shit in Myrkur, eventually overtaking Angel Tower. With the aid of the Immortals, some big nice dragons prevent the army from advancing any further, eventually destroying most of them.

101 - Lilly gives the Urn of Dragon Tears to the eldest dragon, Lelanol, and their Lair is established. Some birdmen with a thing for dragons move in some time later, and become servants to the dragons.

227 - Lelanol enters the Coronar War against the forces of Goa, reclaiming Lasacul.

228 - Alliance of Beastmen and Lelanolians attack Goa-controlled Pandora, force them out of Fa'Diel.

Sights Edit

Urn of Dragon Tears

A ritualistic artifact involved in the cremation ceremony of the dragoons.

The Seeing Stone

One of four, this Stone allows the user to see what the other Stones can see.

Hall of Traditions

Some old murals are painted on a wall in the Lair, detailing rituals of the locals, Cleft lore, and an occasional prophecy.

Travel Edit

Lelanol's Lair isn't far from Lasacul. It's a bit of hike, although an airship docks nearby as well.

Inhabitants Edit


There are a lot of old dragons here that have the ability to speak with humans. Over the years, their population has slowly dwindled. They are known as the guardians of Myrkur.


Masked bird-people, the Windcallers reside here as attendants to the dragons. While not as powerful, they have magical powers to harness the natural wind.

Law, Government and Politics Edit

While the Windcallers run everything, they are subservient to the dragons and generally do as these large reptiles wish, since if they disobeyed, they'd probably all get eaten.

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