looking across the water palace
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Builder: Benamas
Level Range: 51-60
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Lasacul is a city in the Myrkur Mountains built around a lake named Lake Kilma. The Water Palace is in the middle of that lake. The lake is the source of most of the rivers in Fa'Diel, as they run down the sides of the mountain.


The Palace of Water, home to Sage Luka, has existed in the middle of Lake Kilma forever.

Around the year 220, the Palace of Water was besieged by the forces of Goa. The siege lasted for many months but when the Beast Kingdom launched a counter-offensive, the Goan army was routed and forced to flee.

After the end of the Coronar war, a few settlers from Fa'Diel founded homesteads around the lake and over the following 150 years a large city appeared, based largely on its fishing industry.


Lasacul has one of the largest fish markets in the world, due to the large amount of seafood that can be fished out of the lake. Fish from all over the world are shipped there fresh and can be sold quickly and rapidly. The fact that large volumes of fresh seafood can be produced high in the mountains is the source of most of the city's economic activity.

Numerous shops and services exist for mid-level adventurers.


Due to the numerous large rivers streaming out of the lake it's hard to get around the city without taking a gondola.

It's not far from Eldin Mountain or Lelanol's Lair.

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