Age: ???
Race: Koopa
Status: Alive
Affiliation: None

Appearance and Behavior[edit | edit source]

A Koopa whose appearance is somewhat primitive, Kolem's shell is defaced with several scars and bitemarks that predate its entrance into the Cleft. Kolem has been spotted in Truce, Crysta, Viorar, Gold City, Todo, Shrike, and has a known dwelling in Mongrelia. It has even been spotted in remote outposts like Fort Walla Walla-- it almost never seems to stay in one place for long, operating on a survivalist style of living.

Kolem is extremely nonagressive when it comes to wild animals, and has been observed communicating with them through an unknown means, but avoids military confrontation at almost any cost.

Known Affiliations[edit | edit source]

Kolem is not overtly affiliated with any military, political, religious, or monetary organizations. Its history prior to entrance into the Cleft is not generally known, and it has never spoken actively about its past. However, it has been spotted befriending wild animals, and some of the less civilized creatures of the Cleft.

Kolem has been seen contracting and summoning fairies and odd, staff-like living creatures known as Orb Users, with whom it seems to share some sort of bond--conversation between Kolem and the creatures it calls up is commonplace, if not understood.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kolem is a remarkably passive creature, far more likely to seek a means of bypassing a creature than attacking it--even going to the lengths of hypnotizing, taming, or downright seducing items that it needs away rather than fight over them. It abjectly refuses to assault innocent and intelligent people--shambling creatures, however, and those who see the Koopa as easy prey soon learn the distinction between weakness and restraint. Military organizations, such as the Goa Empire, also appear to make Kolem lose its natural empathy for others and become more aggressive. In the presence of other Koopas, Kolem fades back and calls as little attention to itself as possible--so much so that a Koopa who presses Kolem for company often finds themselves alone or fled.

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