Jungle of Illusion
A big jungle!
Source: Seiken Densetsu Series
Builder: Ageatii
Level Range: ???
Linked: Yes

The Jungle of Illusion lies on a fairly large island called Pedan.

History Edit

Sights Edit

The jungle is a vast and vibrant natural habitat, but it also has some remnants of civilization tucked within it.


An ancient city once was here, but during some unknown time, it was destroyed. When merchants interested in trade landed, all they found was a ruin, with none of the inhabitants in sight.

Mirage Palace

The fabled Mirage Palace lies somewhere in the jungle. Supposedly there is treasure within, but supposedly there is also a great evil force locked inside of it. It is sealed away, behind a series of illusions.

Mana Stone of Wood

The Mana Stone may be a source of a lot of the vegetation here, or it may just be enhancing it.

Travel Edit

One can land on the northern shores of Pedan, via ferry. There are no other access points to the jungle. The deeper parts of the jungle, beyond the ruins of Pedan, are so overgrown, that it is quite easy to get lost in a sea of green and annoying monkeys.

Inhabitants Edit

Upright Citizens

Rosiotti The Wisdom Rosiotti resides in the ruins of Pedan, and usually seems vague and absentminded. There is also another person who has set up a treehouse somewhere else.

A whole bunch of monkeys live a life of leisure deeper in the jungle. They enjoy messing with visitors.


The jungle is filled with large poisonous insects and the animals that feed on them. There are several pokemon of the grass and bug type. Many Parasects wander the jungle, shooting hallucinogenic spores into the air, giving another reason to call this place the Jungle of Illusion. The largest animals are Nep-Enuts, large slime-like creatures that reside in the water.

Law, Government, and Politics Edit

No one lives here anymore, no one wants to live here, and hence no one governs this area.

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