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That doesn't seem like a practical hairstyle

Jumi are reclusive people with precious stones instead of hearts.


Most Jumi went into hiding around the year 310. They can pass as humans pretty easily if they just button up their collar.

Jumi usually travel in pairs for whatever reason.


                STR INT WIS DEX CON
Starting Stats: 11  13  13  12  16
Maximum Stats:  17  18  18  18  21

Jumi regenerate HP twice as fast as other races, and regenerate mana 33% faster, but are vulnerable to Poison and Disease.

Jumi also have a Jumi Core permanently equipped into one of their neck slots which can be invoked to cast Core Empathy on other characters. This spell worsens the Jumi's AC by 12 to increase the target's HP by 20% for 60 pulses. Jumi can't use it on themselves (although they can use it on other Jumi).