Joel Island
Joel Island
Source: Crystalis
Builder: Ageatii
Level Range: 16-25
Linked: Yes

Joel Island is an island somewhere to the west of Viorar. You can get there via ferry.

History Edit

144 - Joel Island falls into the Cleft of Dimensions.

158 - Joel Island joins the Fa'Diel Union, much to the dismay of Goa, which earlier in the year proposed for the island to join their state.

219 - Goa invades and easily takes over Joel Island.

220 - Goa finishes construction of a military fort on Joel.

227 - The end of the Coronar War forces Goa to free Joel Island.

305 - Goa and Zeal invade and reclaim Joel Island. The village is destroyed. They begin a cavern expedition in search of a Mana Stone rumored to be hidden on the island.

310 - A rag-tag group of adventurers led by the Cosmic Guardians come in conflict with the imperialists when the Mana Stone of Water is found. The Stone is revealed to be a decoy created by Gnome. The resulting battle ends with the death of Zebu and Zeal's departure from the island.

Sights Edit

Martha's Bay Edit

It's a pretty bay that has a lighthouse at it's end.

Abandoned Mines Edit

These mines were originally used by the villagers to dig for gems. They were later utilized by Goa and Zeal to dig for the Mana Stone of Water.

Glowing Corridors Edit

Some parts of the caverns in Joel are illuminated by plants that glow in the dark. Pretty.

Imperial Fortress Edit

The imperial fortress is a historical building, but is once again occupied by a military.

Travel Edit

Joel Island is off of the southwestern coast of Fa'Diel. A ferry from Viorar goes there - it takes 320 miles. Ships from Goa also travel to the island, but they are limited to military personnel only.

Inhabitants Edit

Villagers Edit

Joel island's villagers were a mixed clan of humans and sahagins. They were all eventually transformed into zombies by the sorceress Sabera in order to maximize their utility as manual labor slaves.

Goa Edit

The Goa military had taken control of Joel Island under the supervision of Queen Zeal in search of a Mana Stone. The Mana Stone was never found and Zeal left the Goan Empire, but the army remains simply because the island is a strategic place to hold.

Sahagin Edit

Sahagins still live in the caverns of the island, relying on the fish they can catch in the caves for sustenance.

Law, Government, and Politics Edit

Joel Island is currently a colony of the Goan Empire.

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