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Miscellaneous Item Types[]

Some item types have no inherent properties, but exist as a convenience when determining what items can be sold to shops, or for item organization.


The Jewelry item type is generally used for wearable equipment that changes stats through affects added to the item, instead of through some coded property (eg Armor).

Another important distinction between Jewelry and Armor is that Jewelry can't be enchanted with the Merchant class's Enchant Armor spell.


Treasure-type items are usually intended to have no purpose but to be sold to a shopkeeper for cash.


Items marked as 'trash' shouldn't be bought by any vendor (unless the character is using the Merchant class's Swindle skill) even if they have a cost of more than zero.

Many quest items are marked as Trash even if they do have a real purpose.


Items marked as Keys always disappear when the player logs out, regardless of their level. A door, portal, or container's key need not actually be a Key-type item, however.