Honey, I Shrunk the PCs
Caution! Beware of face eating ants!
Source: SimAnt
Builder: Benamas
Level Range: 9-15
Linked: Yes

Bearing its long and inconvenient name with pride, Honey, I Shrunk the PCs is a good training ground for budding adventurers. Dedicated to upholding the values of a countless employees, a lazy slob, and movies from the early 90's, this zone is sure to test one's mettle. Explorers seeking this adventure should seek out Apple Kid in Mongrelia.


See the world from below! Watch the romantic clash of hexapedal arthropods in their native environment! Run from spiders! Be a part of nature's gift to the cleft.


A newly established form of travel, scientists insist the that the changing of one's size is perfectly safe. Nevermind the adjusting of one's DNA at the molecular level. Though, anything that happens afterwards is the user's responsibility!

Law, Government, and PoliticsEdit

In the world of ants, the queen's word is law. And with over 9000 other ants at her disposal, you have little say in anything. Politics can be quite fierce, often resulting in territorial war caused by the difference in one's color.

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