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Guardia Fields
It hasn't actually been specified what sort of crops grow out there
Source: ???
Builder: Lilly, Benamas
Level Range: 1-5
Linked: Yes

Guardia Fields is the name for most of the farmland south of Truce. The town of Crysta lies against its west side with the Sulfataska Mountains further south.

We can probably assume the food grown there is shipped all over Guardia.


The fertile volcanic landscape south of Truce were plowed down and irrigated some time around the year 270. Since then, it has been growing bountiful amounts of delicious cereal crops.

Before that, the Sulfataska Mountains sprinkled it occasionally with volcanic ash, fortifying the soil with various minerals.


The fields are primarily worked by local farmers. Wild, domestic, and feral animals live in the area as well.

Reports of talking scarecrows and deadly molluscs have been unconfirmed.