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Some of the events leading up to the Hope ArcEdit

When Coraveda disappeared during the Koopa Arc, she stumbled across a secret cavern with an ancient riddle. She managed to solve the puzzle of the cave, and apparently found the Claire Bible within it. Just as she grabbed it, however, someone shot her with a burning arrow... How she survived was unknown, but she washed ashore on the Lete river, along with a wolf pup. She had a grevious, gaping wound from the magical arrow, and was in critical condition. As Selan attempted to heal her, a voice spoke from her body - clearly that of the Claire Bible. It spoke cryptically, as always, but its hints helped those present figure out how to heal the wound. When she awoke, Coraveda had no memory of where the cave was, but she knew everything else that had happened; she did, however, choose to keep this information private. She instead started the Gypsy Rose clan in secret to protect the Claire Bible and the strange things it spoke of.

Claire Bible ArcEdit

Truce Militia ArcEdit

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