Gobi's Valley
the hell kind of sphinx is that?
Source: Banjo-Kazooie
Builder: Abysmal
Level Range: 50-60
Linked: Yes

Gobi's Valley is a set of ancient ruins located somewhere in the Kakkara Desert.

Though in the middle of nowhere, it's pretty safe, provided you're not breaking into tombs...

Inhabitants Edit

A small group of archaeologists have established a camp here and are investigating the ruins. There's also signs of more modern tinkering in the area, but it's a mystery who or why. It is also a natural habitat for scarabs and random mummy hands.

Sights Edit

Tourists will be pleased to know that many of the sights include sand. There's also a sphinx to visit. And burning hot sand that would burn one's flesh immensely.

Law, Government, and Politics Edit

Because it is in the Kakkara Desert, Gobi's Valley is part of the Shadmire. However, there is no government presence.

Travel Edit

A sandship owned by Monotoli Inc. frequently stops by the island while it travels between Dry Dry Outpost and Caspia.

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