Uses magic fueled by the earth

Style: Lethal Captain Planet
Primary Stat: Wisdom
HP Gain per Level: 7-10
MP Gain per Level: 4-7
Weapon Skills: 2



The Geomancer is a class which draws upon the power of the earth. The effects of Geomancer spells vary based on where the Geomancer is fighting and what the weather is like. Geomancers can cast overgrowth to create favorable conditions for their other spells, and they can also control the weather. The effects of spells in a Geomancer's arsenal are dependant on weather and terrain conditions.

At level 30, a Geomancer may evolve into a Terraformer or a Time Mage. Geomancers can choose two weapon types in which to be proficient. The primary attribute of the Geomancer is Wisdom.

Geomancers can use the survey command to see sector types, HP/MP regeneration rates, and any active affects of the room they're in. There is no associated skill to practice first and it always works. The lag incurred is minimal. Only Geomancers can use this ability, and it cannot be remorted to other classes. %W can be inserted into your prompt for a summary of the current weather.


  • Nature Empathy - Level: 5 - Lag: ---

Nature empathy is used in conjunction with Overgrowth. With nature empathy, health, mana, and move regeneration is accelerated in overgrown rooms. For each level of overgrowth, regeneration is increased by 50%. It is a passive skill and works automatically.

  • Cultivate - Level: 12 - Lag: 32

A geomancer can use the cultivate skill to forage for fresh fruits and vegetables in a room. This skill costs some movement points and will never work if there is no overgrowth in the room.


  • Banana Bomb - Level: 1 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 24

Conjures incendiary, volatile fruit to booby trap the room. When an unassuming enemy enters the room, the banana bomb immediately explodes, dealing damage. For each level of overgrowth in the room, an additional banana is conjured. Any given enemy will only be hit by one banana at a time, but multiple enemies can be hit.

  • Blight - Level: 2 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 18

If cast on a food or drink-holding item, the Blight spell can afflict said item with poison. If someone eats or drink that item, he will be poisoned. If cast on a character, Blight will poison them, sapping health and strength for a number of turns.

  • Overgrowth - Level: 3 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 24

Overgrowth is a distinctive spell for the Geomancer. Overgrowth causes a room to become overgrown - various plants magically sprout instantaneously. Other Geomancer spells are heavily affected by the overgrowth of a room.
A room can be overgrown up to three times. Every time overgrowth is cast, the room gains one level of growth. If a room is forest or jungle, it automatically has one level of growth to begin with.

  • Bramble - Level: 4 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 18

Bramble summons thistles to rear up from the ground and lash at the enemy. Bramble will not work unless there is Overgrowth in the room. One level of Overgrowth is sufficient for Bramble to deal maximum damage, but extra levels of Overgrowth will permit Bramble to attack multiple enemies simultaneously.
Unlike other multi-target spells, Bramble will usually only target enemies you are already fighting.
If sufficient Overgrowth is present, Bramble can slow and even choke all targeted enemies.

  • Flash - level: 6 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 8

Flash floods the room, as well as all surrounding rooms, with brilliant light. Unlike Illuminate, this will not create light that can be taken with the caster. Instead, the light will stay in the flashed room even after the caster is gone.
Casting Flash has a chance to dispel any Darkness previously cast in the room.

  • Sandstorm - Level: 8 - Lag: 16 - Mana: 40

The Sandstorm spell affects an entire room. It causes stinging sand to shoot through the room, damaging all characters that are not resistant to earth. Every turn that Sandstorm hits, it damages characters by 1/16th of their max HP or twice the spell's level, whichever is less.
It must be cast in a road, desert, or hills room, or with one of these terrains activated via Dominion. Casting this spell may consume that terrain from the terrain stack.

  • Hell Ivy - Level: 10 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 18

The Hell Ivy spell causes the underbrush to grab at monsters, allowing them to wander into the room but not wander out. It lasts for a while. Hell Ivy requires at least one level of overgrowth to cast.

  • Solarbeam - Level: 14 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 58

Solarbeam takes the power of sunlight, focusing it into a powerful ray to attack a target. Depending on the how sunny the weather is, solarbeam will do varying levels of damage. You can check the weather with the 'weather' or 'autoforecast' commands. Solarbeam does less damage indoors or in dark rooms. If the weather is exceptionally sunny, solarbeam can burn the enemy. This spell can be charged to cause 1.5x damage. It deals light-type damage.

  • Sweet Scent - Level: 16 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 40

Casting Sweet Scent fills the room with an overwhelmingly wonderful aroma for a while. Nearby mobs will be strongly encouraged to wander towards the smell.
Additionally, characters subject to random movement (both voluntary, such as flee, and coerced, such as Maelstrom or Tsunami), will have their motion biased towards the aroma.

  • Stormy Sky - Level: 18 - Lag: 16 - Mana: 24

The Stormy Sky spell worsens the weather in the entire area that the caster occupies. The sky becomes less clear, and the wind picks up. This affects weather-oriented spells such as Solarbeam and Tornado.

  • Clear Sky - Level: 19 - Lag: 16 - Mana: 24

The Clear Sky spell improves the weather in the entire area that the caster occupies. The sky becomes more clear, and the wind dies down. This affects weather-oriented spells such as Solarbeam and Tornado.

  • Time Warp - Level: 21 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 50

This spell locally accelerates the flow of time, causing both character and room effects to elapse twice as fast. The altered time will also cause spells such as Blight to doubly damage and HP Rain to doubly heal.

  • Gravity Well - Level: 23 - Lag: 16 - Mana: 80

This spell manipulates space to dramatically amplify the gravitational field in the vicinity of the caster. All enemies in adjoining rooms are pulled into the caster's room, and subsequently all enemies in the caster's room suffer modest crushing damage. This spell can be charged to deliver 1.5x damage.
If cast in an air or void room, or with one of these terrains activated via Dominion, Gravity Well will pull in enemies from up to two rooms away instead of one.

  • Maelstrom - Level: 25 - Lag: 24 - Mana: 40

Maelstrom stirs up violent winds that attempt to blow around every mob in the caster's room. Mobs that cannot normally move will remain stationary. Mobs are more likely to move into rooms with an active Sweet Scent. Mobs are unable to move out of rooms with active Hell Ivy.
Maelstrom can break up fights by blowing the caster's enemies out of the room. :Maelstrom will not break up fights in which the caster is not involved.
Maelstrom's chance of success is strongly dependent on the ambient wind.

  • Golem Skin - Level: 27 - Lag: 18 - Mana: 18

This defensive spell can only be cast on onesself. It improves the caster's Armor Class in dry weather, or the caster's Saves in rainy weather. It also randomly gives the caster resistance to one of Bash, Slash, or Pierce.

  • Tranquility - Level: 29 - Lag: 16 - Mana: 80

Tranquility will tranquilize any affects present in the room the caster is standing in. For each affect tranquilized, the caster will gain mana based on the mana cost of the affects tranquilized. Such affects are generally visible, like Overgrowth, Wildfire, Frost Veil and Flash. This also includes affects you cannot see like Arcane Lock and Clear/Stormy Sky.


The Terraformer is one of two classes a Geomancer may evolve into at level 30.

The Terraformer focuses on casting terrain-based spells, which vary in power or affect depending on the type of room they are cast in. The commune ability lets them carry around different terrains however, giving them a level of versatility above what the earth alone can provide. They are also capable of packing up and carrying room affects with them.


  • Commune - Level: 30 - Lag: 12

A core skill of the Terraformer, the Commune skill lets one absorb the essence of the land itself, carrying the terrain around with them. The carried terrain can then be activated to replace the actual landscape for several other spells. 'Commune get' will add the terrain of the current room to the top of the stack. Existing terrains on the stack will be pushed down, and the bottom one dropped. Up to three terrains can be carried at one time.
'Commune show' or just 'Commune' will display a list of your current terrains. 'commune rotate' shuffles communed sectors, while 'Commune drop' will drop the top one and move the others up. The 'dominion' command activates the top terrain on your stack. While active, some spells (like Geomance) use the activated terrain instead of the actual room's terrain. Some spells can also consume the false terrain you have activated.

  • Terraform - Level: 55 - Lag: 16* - Move Cost: 40*

The terraform skill allows the user to transfer room effects from one location to another. The first time terraform is used, all room effects cast by the user will be transferred into storage. The second time terraform is used, all stored room effects will reappear. All room effects placed into storage will share the duration of the briefest room effect among them. Effects can still elapse while in storage.
  • When storing effects, terraform costs 40 mv. Terraform has substantially less lag when releasing stored effects.


  • Tsunami - Level: 30 - Lag: 16 - Mana: 80

Tsunami draws on local moisture, condensing it into a wave of water to wash over the area, damaging all enemies. Tsunami is a terrain-dependent spell - when cast in a water room or with water terrain activated by Dominion, it will do extra damage and even wash enemies out of the room. When powered-up by Dominion, it may consume the water terrain off the stack.

  • Earthquake - Level: 30 - Lag: 16 - Mana: 80

This spell creates a mighty earthquake that shakes the room and damages all non-flying foes. In rocky terrain or near buildings, or with similar terrain activated by Dominion, it causes extra damage even to flying enemies in the form of falling debris and even knock foes to the ground. When powered-up by Dominion, it may consume the relevant terrain.

  • Wildfire - Level: 35 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 64

The Wildfire spell creates a raging wildfire in the room. Each tick, the Wildfire burns away a layer of overgrowth and deals fire damage to all enemies that are fighting. The Wildfire burns as long as there is overgrowth present. It can be sustained by continuing to cast Overgrowth while it burns.

  • Create Spring - Level: 35 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 27

Casting this spell will cause water to well out of the ground, creating a natural fountain from which anyone in the room can drink.

  • Quicksand - Level: 45 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 70

This spell causes the earth to liquify and suck downwards, hindering melee combat greatly. Melee swings only occur every other round with Quicksand active; but spells, skills, and other special attacks occur as usual. It must be cast in a swamp or coastal room, or with one of these terrains activated via Dominion. Casting this spell may consume that terrain from the terrain stack.

  • Mokuton - Level: 50 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 18

The Mokuton spell stimulates the earth into sprouting plants, forming them into the shape of useful and comfortable wooden furniture. Increased levels of overgrowth create better furniture. This furniture has enhanced regeneration. Multiple castings will remove any existing furniture.

  • Plague Swarm - Level: 50 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 100

By transforming into a swarm of ravenous grasshoppers, Terraformers can consume levels of Overgrowth to replenish their hit points at a rate of 1/5 of their maximum HP per level of overgrowth consumed. You take 1/4 damage while in the form of locusts, but you cannot perform any actions until the spell either expires or all the overgrowth is gone.

  • Sproutling - Level: 60 - Lag: 24 - Mana: 24

This spell summons a sproutling to periodically cast Overgrowth for you, but at the expense of your own mana. The sproutling is very fragile and cannot attack.

  • Rabite Rainstorm - Level: 65 - Lag: 16 - Mana: 80

Rabite Rainstorm is a delayed attack spell. It sends a stream of rabites into the air. Two turns later, these rabites will fall and bombard the chosen target, causing damage.
In a field, forest, or jungle (or with one of these terrains activated via Dominion), some of the rabites may persist for several turns, causing additional damage. If Dominion is used to do this, the sector may be consumed off the stack. Only one Rabite Rainstorm may be incoming on any given target at a time.

Time MageEdit

The Time Mage is one of two classes a Geomancer may evolve into at level 30.

Master of time and space, this class manipulates the fundamental laws of physics at their will, altering local weather systems and manipulating time and gravity. Their abilities generally affect everyone in the room, altering the rules of combat. Time Mages may summon a Beacon, which shifts through different phases of the weather.


  • forecast - Level: 55 - Lag: 16 - Move Cost: 30

Using their insight into future events, Time Mages can forecast the imminent doom of their enemies. If a Time Mage's enemy dies by either his or a groupmate's attack, the forecast comes true, and a damroll bonus is gained. The user can attempt to string together several consecutive forecasts for a cumulative damroll bonus.


  • Beacon - Level: 30 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 18

The Beacon spell conjures forth a magical Beacon, which changes occasionally between two distinct 'night' and 'day' modes. Spells which rely on the time of day will look at the state of the beacon instead. It also affects the weather by cycling through four phases: high wind, high sky, low wind, and low sky. All of these affects only apply to its owner.
Further, spells which work best outdoors will have their full effect when a beacon is present, whether the caster is actually outdoors or not. The summoned Beacon is a magical pet and can be ordered around like any other. It is, however, relatively fragile. The Beacon serves as a light source for anyone in the same group as it.

  • Static E! - Level: 30 - Lag: 16 - Mana: 35

Summoning power from shag carpets and Van de Graaff generators, the caster charges his own body with static electricity. Whenever someone attacks the caster, he will be struck with a static discharge, dealing electrical damage and inflicting daze. The strength of the discharge increases with the dryness of the weather.
The number of discharges is limited and increases with the local dryness. When the caster moves into a new room, he will automatically recharge due to the shuffling motion of feet against the ground.

  • Float - Level: 33 - Lag: 18 - Mana: 18

This spell allows a character to rise off the ground and float freely. This allows one to move freely in sky rooms, float over bodies of water, and be unaffected by earthquake attacks.

  • Frost Veil - Level: 35 - Lag: 16 - Mana: 40

The Frost Veil spell conjures a chilly fog to enshroud allies and enemies alike. It slows down everyone in the room, reducing the chance of secondary and tertiary attacks from working. Additionally, it worsens everyone's chance to hit to a degree proportional to the ambient humidity.

  • Tornado - Level: 40 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 58

Drawing on the raw power of the wind, a Time Mage can direct its flow into a whirling column of confusion and destruction. This spell's damage increases with the windiness of the area. Additionally, it has a chance to confuse the enemy. With insufficient wind, the spell cannot confuse and will do only marginal damage. This spell can be charged to cause 1.5x damage. It deals wind-type damage.

  • Dust Storm - Level: 45 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 70

This spell causes a massive cloud of dust to rise from the earth. The dust obscures enemies and friends alike, causing all area-effect spells to only hit the one opponent that the caster is fighting. It also prevents both players and mobs from assisting each other. This spell can only successfully be cast under dry, windy conditions.

  • HP Rain - Level: 50 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 70

The HP Rain spell summons forth a magical raincloud which precipitates hit points onto you. When the weather is more humid or it is already raining, the amount of health restored increases. When the weather is windy,it will rain indiscriminately on friends and foes. The cloud stays in the room for a while, restoring health every round.

  • Sunstroke - Level: 50 - Lag: 16 - Mana: 40

The Sunstroke spell enhances ambient sunshine to cause exhaustion to friend and foe alike. Movement points will deplete rapidly while sunstroke is in effect; actions which use movement points will consume more of them. The magnitude of this effect increases as the skies become more clear and the winds become more calm.

  • Lunatic - Level: 55 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 70

When cast at night, this spell attempts to hit each opponent with one of the Confusion, Slow, or Blind effects and each ally with one of the Barrier, Haste, or Bless effects. When cast during the day, this spell does not distinguish between opponents and allies. The applied affects are more potent the closer the moon's phase is to full.

  • Stop - Level: 65 - Lag: 12 - Mana: 50

This spell locally halts the flow of time, causing both character and room effects to cease elapsing. The altered time will also cause spells such as Blight and HP Rain to have no effect until time resumes. The ceaseless motion of strong winds will prevent this spell from working, and its duration of effect is longest when the wind is absolutely still.

  • Meteo - Level: 70 - Lag: 24 - Mana: 200

Casting Meteo invokes the mighty power of a meteor shower to rain down upon the room. For the each of the next three pulses, waves of three meteors will crash into the room, hitting random enemies, possibly multiple times.
Meteo can be charged to last twice as long.


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