Cleft of Dimensions Wiki



dark Need a light source
always_night Room is always night; sun never rises, 'look sky' always shows stars.
no_mob Mobs won't wander in here. Mobs on scripts and charmies are unaffected
indoors Won't see weather or sunrise/set messages
private Two people at a time
arena Players don't leave corpses or lose XP when they die. Players also don't lose XP for fleeing combat.
safe No fighting allowed
solitary One person at a time
pet_shop Can buy pets here. Pet cost is the 'wealth' of the mob, but purchased pets will be flat broke. Builders should reset the pet mobs into next room vnum.
no_recall Can't recall from here
imp_only MTS only
gods_only Staff only
heroes_only Also Staff only
newbies_only Level 5 or less only
law Prevents use of Charm, Tame, and Hypnotize spells (for some reason). Other stock ROM effects have been commented out.
nowhere Can't Scan into this room
wilderness Was supposed to involve some sort of overworld map? Doesn't do anything now.
overgrown_1 Room has +1 level of overgrowth.
overgrown_2 Room has +2 levels of overgrowth. This can stack with overgrown_1.
always_day Room is always day; sun never sets, 'look sky' shows the sun.


Sector Movement Rate Properties Geomance Element Dance Element
Inside 4 Stays lit at night Pierce No effect
City 4 Stays lit at night Bash No effect
Field 4 Slash Pierce
Forest 6 Has 1 level of overgrowth Wood Earth
Hills 6 Slash Pierce
Mountain 8 Earth Earth
Water (swim) 4 Water Water
Water (noswim) 8 Can't enter without a boat or the Swim affect Water Water
Unused 1 Wind No effect
Air 4 Can't enter without the Float affect Wind Wind
Desert 8 Earth Wind
Rock 4 Earth Earth
Road 4 Wind No effect
Enter 4 Wind No effect
Snow 8 Cold Cold
Swamp 8 Water Earth
Jungle 8 Has 1 level of overgrowth Wood Earth
Ruins 4 Bash No effect
Mount2 16 Earth No effect
Coastal 4 Earth Wind
Developed 4 Bash No effect
Void 4 Wind No effect
Lava 8 Fire Fire


door Exit has a door -- Required for most other exit flags
closed Door resets to closed
locked Door resets to locked
pickproof Door can't be picked
nopass Door can't be Pass Door'd
easy Pick Lock doesn't take many tries
hard Pick Lock takes a few tries
infuriating Keep pickin'
noclose Door can't be closed
nolock Door can't be locked
hidden Exit can't be seen by normal means
swim Only players who can fly or swim, or are on a flying or seaworthy vehicle can pass.
fly Only players who can fly or are on a flying vehicle can pass.


  • Mobs with the None damage type will randomly have Slash, Pound, or Pierce.


Most of these don't do anything. The ones that have a coded effect are listed below!

edible Mob's parts are edible, and the corpse can be butchered into meat.
poison Mob's edible parts are poisonous, and meat butchered from the corpse will be poisoned. Bloodsucking will poison the bloodsucker.
instant_decay Mob doesn't leave a corpse at all.
animal Mob is affected by the Tame spell
Mobs with any of the mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian, fish, or snake form flags can also be Tamed.
sentient Mob is affected by the Hypnotize spell and can be haggled with if it's a shopkeeper.
cold_blood Mob has blood that can be bloodsuck'd.
warm_blood Mob can be seen in the dark by characters with Infrared and can be bloodsuck'd.


Mob parts determine what equipment it can wear.

Wearloc Required Part flag
take none
finger fingers
neck head
body guts
head head
legs legs
feet feet
hands hands
arms hands
shield hands
about guts
waist legs
wrist hands
shoulders head
wield hands
hold hands
nosac not actually a wearloc
wearfloat none
face head
  • The Brawling warrior style has special attacks that only execute if the opponent has certain parts; eye, tail, feet, or arms.
  • The guts, head, heart, arms, legs, and brains parts can cause dismembered mob organs to be created when the mob dies.
  • A mob requires the brains part in order to take any damage from the Brainbuster spell.
  • A mob without hands cannot hold items, use weapons, or equip shields.
  • Items which do not have the Take flag can't be sacrificed, so it is redundant to put nosac on these items also.
  • Items without a Take flag can't be held by players or mobs at all. Avoid resetting these onto mobs or trying to have mobs oload them.


sentinel Mob won't wander between rooms (although it can still move if instructed to by an mprog).
scavenger Mob will pick up takeable objects in the room, starting with the most valuable.
inert Mob can't be seen in the room (but can still be interacted with).
omnisight Mob can see everyone despite invisibility etc but can't necessarily see in the dark.
aggressive Doesn't do anything; the code for this function has been commented out.
stay_area Mob won't wander outside the area it was reset into.
wimpy Mob will try to flee from combat at 20% hp or less.
pet Mob is a pet? Probably reserved for pet code. Don't use this.
train Players can Train at this mob.
practice Players can Practice at this mob.
passive Mob doesn't fight back with autoattacks, its current health isn't visible when you 'look' at it, nor will Peek work on it.
hyper Mob wanders around real fast.
visdeath Mob can only be seen by immortals and can't be interacted with by players.
mage Mob gets -5 to Saves
thief Mob has the Smokescreen skill
warrior Mob has the Shield Block skill
noalign Mob won't affect player alignment at all when killed.
nopurge Mob can't be purged by immortals (the Mob Purge command from a mob can still affect these).
outdoors Mob won't wander into Indoor flagged rooms.
indoors Mob won't wander outdoors.
healer Mob offers hardcoded heal-for-cash services (EG Selan).
gain Doesn't do anything -- in stock ROM allows for gaining new skills.
update_always Mob does things even when no player in the area.
changer Mob is a banker.
hyper_res Mob takes 1/4 damage from sources it resists (instead of 2/3) and double damage from sources it's vulnerable to (instead of 3/2).

Notes on wandering mobs:

  • When mobs try to move, they make three attempts. Each attempt, they pick a random exit in the room and then look at it more closely. If they can't move, they try again. If they can move, they do.
  • Mobs will not wander through closed doors (even if affected by pass_door) or into no_mob rooms.
  • Mobs with the stay_area flag will not wander between areas (which area its' vnum is in doesn't matter).
  • Mobs with the Outdoors flag won't wander into Indoors rooms. Mobs with the Indoors flag won't wander into rooms that aren't flagged Indoors.
  • Only Flying mobs will move into Air sector rooms. Only mobs with the Swim affect will move into any sort of water room.
    • A mob without the Swim affect will attempt to move into a noswim sector room (and fail to move, unless it has a boat object), but will not even try to get into a swim sector room unless it has the affect (even though it would be allowed to move there if it tried). This doesn't make a lot of sense but that's how it is.


doublexp Mob gives double XP.
halfxp Mob gives half XP.
noxp Mob gives no XP.
noparts Mob leaves no parts when killed.
sociable Mob talks to or slaps people that use socials on it.
aquatic Mob won't wander outside water rooms.
xpandahalf Mob gives 1.5x XP.
adept Mob uses skills at 100% (instead of 75%).
inept Mob uses skills at 50% (instead of 75%).
carryall Mob has no weight or item# limits.
priority Mob will be targetted first by opponents with the AI_1 flag.
antihyper Mob wanders especially slowly.
parsename Mob will have a unique name as its first name when it resets.
noattack Mob can't be attacked by anyone.
necromancer Mob offers corpse retrieval for cash services, as Xzar, Caroline, etc.
raidmob Mob can be attacked by anyone with no regard to 'kill stealing'.
carrynone Mob can't pick up or be given items
passivelite Mob won't auto-attack but still has visible health and such
ally Is treated as a PC for some attack-safety purposes -- EG Ally mobs won't hit other Ally mobs with area attacks


A lot of these are affected by the adept/inept Act flags

area_attack Mob hits everything that's fighting it with its normal attacks.
backstab Mob is capable of using the Backstab skill, and would if it aggroed, but mobs don't aggro, so it does nothing.
bash Mob has a 12.5% chance of using the bash skill, if it's not lagged.
berserk Mob has a 12.5% chance of using the berserk skill, if it's not lagged and isn't already berserk.
disarm Mob has a 12.5% chance of using the disarm skill, if it's not lagged. The mob needs a weapon.
dodge Mob can dodge melee attacks as a player with the dodge skill at 75%.
fade Doesn't do anything.
fast Mob attacks twice always, doesn't stack with Haste. Mob will ignore Slow if affected. Mob gets +2 DEX when spawned.
kick Mob has a 12.5% chance of using the kick skill, if it's not lagged.
dirt_kick Mob has a 12.5% chance of using the dirt kick skill, if it's not lagged.
parry Mob can parry attacks; works half as often with no weapon.
rescue Mob will try to rescue the target of its target, if that target is at 50% hp or less.
tail Mob has a 12.5% chance of.. not doing anything (the code for this attack is commented out).
trip Mob has a 12.5% chance of using the trip skill, if it's not lagged.
crush Mob has a 12.5% chance of using the smash skill, if it's not lagged.
assist_all Mob will assist all other mobs that it sees fighting.
assist_align Mob will assist other mobs with a similar alignment, chunked out to good/neutral/evil.
assist_race Mob will assist other mobs of the same race.
assist_players Mob will assist players as long as the player isn't more than 5 levels above them. This has precedence over the other assist flags.
assist_guard Doesn't do anything at all.
assist_vnum Mob will assist mobs of the same vnum.
second_attack Mob has the 2x-Cut skill.
third_attack Mob has the 3x-Cut skill.
ai_retargeting Mob will aggro onto players that have recently fled from it, and selectively hit targets with the Priority act flag. If the mob's attacks are ineffective, it will re-target randomly to another member of the same group.
ai_flees Mob will flee from sandstorms, flurries, miasmas, wildfires, etc unless it's immune to the appropriate damage type.
ai_rests Mob will rest when injured (hp<50%), stand up when it's recovered (hp>75%).
  • Only one of the various 12.5% flags can trigger in any given round. A mob will all eight will try to use one (and only one) every single round.


random_innate Mob randomly has one of the 6 elemental innates. This creates one resistance and one vulnerability.
rand_phys_resist Mob randomly resists one of bashing, slashing, or piercing.
rand_misc_resist Mob randomly resists one or two non-physical elements.


blind Character can't see anything! Mobs ignore this flag so their mobprogs work
invisible Character can only be seen and targetted by things with detect_invis.
detect_evil Character sees evil objects and characters with a red aura.
detect_invis Character can see invisible objects and characters, and knows they're invisible.
detect_magic Character sees a blue aura around magical objects.
detect_hidden Character can see hidden objects and characters, and knows they're hidden.
detect_good Character sees good objects and characters with a gold aura.
sanctuary Character is permanently under the effects of Nayru's Love (half damage from everything).
faerie_fire Character has a pink aura. Negates invisibility.
infrared Character can see warm_blood mobs in the dark.
curse Character is flagged as cursed. All skill effectiveness is reduced by 15% while this flag is applied, but the character is immune to the Curse spell.
solidified Character is completely frozen!
poison Character is flagged as poisoned. This flag has no affect on stats but the character can't be poisoned again. Regeneration is decreased while this flag is applied, however.
protect_evil Character takes 2/3 damage from evil foes.
protect_good Character takes 2/3 damage from good foes.
sneak Character doesn't generate echoes when moving from room to room. Triggers GRALL but not GREET progs.
hide Character is hiding. Using any command removes this effect.
sleep Character is under the effects of permanent magical sleep!!
charm Character is under the effects of a Charm spell. Don't use.
flying Character is flying: reduced MV costs everywhere (by 1 per room), can travel into air sector rooms, and doesn't need a boat to travel into noswim sector rooms. Also immune to Trip and Earthquake.
pass_door Character can walk through some closed doors.
haste Character is under the effects of Haste: always gets exactly 1 extra attack in combat, but regenerates at half speed.
calm Character is under the effects of the Calm spell. Character can't use berserk.
plague Character is flagged as plagued. Regeneration is decreased but the player can't be hit with the Bio 2 spell.
locusts Character is a swarm of locusts per the Plague Swarm spell. *Cannot be set on a mob's template or applied by an item.
dark_vision Character can see anything in any kind of darkness without a light source.
berserk Character is under the effects of Berserk! Character can't cast spells, everything the character sees is red, and they get a 50% penalty to all saving throws.
swim Character doesn't need a boat to enter noswim sector rooms.
regeneration Character regenerates HP twice as fast!
slow Character has a chance to simply not attack during combat. 2x-cut and 3x-cut chances are reduced dramatically. Ignored if the mob is flagged off_fast. Character also regenerates at half speed AND spends more MV when traveling.
scarecrow Character is affected by the Scarecrow spell -- can't eat, drink, or move, and melee attacks do reduced damage.


charge Character does 1.5x damage with all applicable spells. DOES NOT DISSIPATE UNLESS IT IS APPLIED BY THE CHARGE SPELL.
sabotaged Character takes damage when using skills or spells.
hallucinating Character is under the effects of the Mushroomize spell; all MUD output turns wacky.
terrified Character may cower helplessly in combat, with a greater chance is the foe's level is higher than the character's. Also makes the character try to flee.
haunted Character is tormented by minighosts.
confused Character hits itself sometimes in combat.
stat enhancement Character is under the effects of one of Sage Aura, Brilliance, Limber, Valor, or Vigor/Warcry and can't be affected by another one.
ice shield Returns 20 to 30% of melee damage as bash-type damage
thorn shield Returns 20 to 30% of melee damage as pierce-type damage
crystal shield Returns 20 to 30% of melee damage as slash-type damage
osmosis Character loses MP steadily. Also decreases MP regeneration.
volta Character does not auto-attack but has double normal dodge chances.
manashield Character has Mana Shield permanently up. It will give the 'your shield broke' message with every attack if they're at 0MP but they'll still take full damage.
kamikaze Character is going to Detonate. *Cannot be set on a mob's template or applied by an item.
zeal Character fails all saving throws but receives a bonus to damage for each bad affect
bleeding Character loses HP steadily. Some types of bleeding make you bleed worse than others!
undead Character is a zombie with a relentless hunger for delicious brains. All text is dark gray, healing spells do damage instead of healing, and the poor bastard doesn't necessarily die when they drop below 0hp! This is distinct from the undead form flag.
oozaru form Character is an oozaru and can't cast spells.
double image Character has a double image. It will take one attack and then vanish.
ink Character has been inked. Display is all goofed up with large black splotches.
seraph form Character has seraph form and can't cast spells.
reflect Spells targetted at the character bounce back the wrong way
surefire casting Character has surecasting on.
jinx Character has a 33% chance of dropping any weapon they're wielding in any combat round.
leechseed Character is under the effects of the Leech Seed spell. *Cannot be set on a mob's template or applied by an item.
bees Character is covered in bees which obscure their display.
choke Character is affected by Choke and casts spells at 3/4 the normal strength.
endure Character cannot be reduced below 1hp.
sheltered Character is being sheltered by a friendly Templar. *Cannot be set on a mob's template or applied by an item.
bide Character is using the skill Bide. *Cannot be set on a mob's template or applied by an item.

Some of these affects can't be applied to a mob's template, only by spells; homing attack, stat enhancement, extension, kamikaze, short term combat effect, oozaru form, double image, seraph form, Jumi empathy, surefire casting, and leechseed.


For more details on object types see Flags Compendium/Obj Types

light Light sources, go in a special 'light' slot when equipped no matter what wear flags you use
scroll Can be recited or read to cast 1-4 spells on a target. Works from base inventory, consumed when used, uses Artifice skill.
wand Can be zapped or used to cast 1 spell a set number of times on a target. Must be equipped, any slot is OK. Uses Artifice skill. Explodes when out of charges unless NOEXPLODE extra flag is set.
staff Can be brandished or used to cast 1 spell a set number of times on all targets in a room! Must be equipped, any slot is OK. Uses Artifice skill. Explodes when out of charges unless NOEXPLODE extra flag is set.
weapon Changes wearer's melee autoattack damage to the type and amount specified in the object. Must be in the Wield slot to work.
treasure No inherent properties, reserved for salable loot.
armor Modifies wearer's armor values. Can be equipped anywhere.
potion Can be quaffed or drunk to cast 1-4 spells on the drinker. Works from base inventory, consumed when used.
furniture Various flags allow characters to sit, rest, stand, or sleep on, in, or at these objects. Recovery rates can be modified as well.
trash No inherent properties, reserved for nonsalable loot.
container Object that holds other objects. Can be closable/lockable like a door.
drinkcontainer Holds a set quantity of a certain liquid. Liquids can be replaced with different liquids. Disappears when empty unless NOEXPLODE is set.
key Object vanishes on logout. Has no other properties.
food Can be eaten for food/full value and cast 1 spell on the eater.
money Is abstracted into current wealth when picked up by a player. Dropped wealth turns into a money object. The Priest class can sacrifice money to recover mana for 1 MP per 50 silver.
boat Can be equipped or in base inventory for players to move in water rooms. Defunct.
npccorpse NPC Corpse. Reserved.
fountain Like a drinkcontainer but the liquid inside can't be poisoned. Drinkcontainers can also be 'fill'ed from it.
pill Can be eaten to cast 1-4 spells on the drinker. Works from base inventory, consumed when used.
protect Uncoded junk. Don't use.
map Uncoded junk. Don't use.
portal Objects that can be 'entered' to take the character to a set room. Can be closable/lockable like a door.
warpstone Used to be necessary for the Nexus spell.
roomkey Uncoded junk. Don't use.
gem Uncoded junk. Don't use.
jewelry No inherent properties. Used for equippables that aren't armor.
event An object with both charges and cooldown capability, which executes an mprog when 'zap'ped or 'use'd. Uses Artifice skill.
slotmachine Type "Game slots" at a slot machine to spin the wheel. Slot machines can have their cost and jackpot size specified in the object template.
gun Uncoded junk. Don't use.
ammo Uncoded junk. Don't use.
vehicle Vehicles allow players to consume less movement points as they travel, move faster, and/or travel to rooms they can't enter on foot.
exit Uncoded junk. Don't use. Not the same as a real exit.
rod Can be zapped or used to cast 1 spell on a target with a set delay between uses. Must be equipped, any slot is OK. Uses Artifice skill.


glow Item can be seen in the dark, shows (glowing) before its short desc
hum Item shows (Humming) before its short desc
norecharge Wand, staff, rod, or event can't be recharged with the Recharge spell.
autoconsume Item is automatically used as soon as it's picked up off the ground. Works with potions, pills, and artifice items.
evil Item has a red aura if you can detect evil, can be removed with Bless.
invis Item can only be seen if you have detect invis, and shows (Invis) if you can
magic Item shows as magic if you can detect magic
nodrop Item can't be dropped, can be removed with Bless
bless Item has a blue aura if you can detect good, can't be poisoned, and is a little easier to enchant. Is removed by Curse.
noremove Item can't be removed. This flag is removed by uncursing
inventory Item is part of a shopkeeper's inventory and will be sold with infinite quantity left. Also evaporates when the holder dies, like rotdeath.
nopurge Item can't be purged. Use sparingly!
rotdeath Item poofs when whoever is holding it dies. If a mob dies with one of these, it will vanish.
visdeath Item can only be seen by immortals
uncounted Item doesn't count against the holder's carry number or weight capacities.
nonmetal Item is unaffected by Heat Metal
meltdrop Item poofs when dropped or stolen. If a mob dies with one of these, it will appear in the room.
hadtimer ? Don't use.
sellextract Item poofs when sold to shopkeeper -- doesn't show up in their inventory
nodestroy (AKA burn_proof in the code for some reason) Item can't be poisoned, and can't be destroyed by various item-destroying affects (which I think are disabled)
nouncurse Item can't be uncursed. (nodrop, noremove flags)
adhesive Item stays with a player, not on their corpse
nochk Wand, Scroll, Staff, Rod, and Event items with this flag won't check a character's artifice skill when used, but just always work
noremort Item can't be carried through a remort
inert Item doesn't appear in rooms its in
noexplode Wand and staff type item won't disintegrate when their charges are used up. Drinkcontainers won't poof when empty.


antihuman Can't be equipped by Human race
antimoogle Can't be equipped by Moogle race
antisaiyan Can't be equipped by Saiyan race
antiesper Can't be equipped by Esper race
antihylian Can't be equipped by Hylian race
antigiganto Can't be equipped by Giganto race
antimatango Can't be equipped by Matango race
antireploid Can't be equipped by Reploid race
antikoopa Can't be equipped by Koopa race
antipmpkn Can't be equipped by Pumpkinhead race
antiknight Can't be equipped by Knight class
antiwarrior Can't be equipped by Warrior class
antithief Can't be equipped by Thief class
antiwizard Can't be equipped by Wizard class
antipriest Can't be equipped by Priest class
antigeomancer Can't be equipped by Geomancer class
antisummoner Can't be equipped by Summoner class
antifemale Can't be equipped by female characters
antimale Can't be equipped by male characters
antineuter Can't be equipped by sexless characters
cursed Item becomes noremove when equipped
unique Characters can't pick up one of these if they already have one.
remortable Item was carried through a remort and won't vanish on logout if it's out of the player's level range.
antinu Can't be equipped by Nu race
antikirby Can't be equipped by Kirby race
antilobsterman Can't be equipped by Lobster race
antiranboob Can't be equipped by Ranboob race
antijumi Can't be equipped by Jumi race
antidancer Can't be equipped by Dancer class
antimob Can't be equipped by mobs
  • NOTE: Old classes are affected by antiwizard, etc, just as new ones are.


flaming Deals extra fire damage per attack. May blind targets briefly.
frost Deals extra cold damage per attack. May freeze targets briefly.
vampiric Deals extra draining damage per attack and restores half that to the attacker. Only works on opponents with blood.
sharp has a skill/8% chance to do extra damage up to double.
vorpal Causes bleeding for two pulses. Can be resisted as the weapon's damage type. Only works on opponents with blood.
twohands Fills both hands when equipped. Giganto ignore this flag in the main hand but can't dual-wield twohanded weapons.
shocking Deals extra electric damage per attack. May daze targets briefly.
poison Weapon tries to apply the poison affect for two pulses.
leaf Damages the opponent's mana per attack, and restores that much mana to the attacker.
holy Procs extra Holy damage - Does more vs foes of evil alignment, doesn't work vs foes of good alignment
unholy Procs extra Negative damage - Does more vs foes of good alignment, doesn't work vs foes of evil alignment
barotraumatic Damages the opponent's Movement points per attack. Has a small chance to drain movement completely (AKA Sprain).
enfeebling Temporarily lowers the foe's damroll with successive hits.
empowering Temporarily raises the attacker's damroll with successive hits.
featherweight The weapon's weight is halved for the purposes of whether you can wield it (but not for determining second attacks, etc).
nervewracking Does extra mental damage per attack with a chance to confuse for 2 to 4 pulses, depending on weapon level.
acidic Does 1 to (level/4)+1 acid damage per hit with a chance to cause osmosis for 10 pulses.
disrupting Causes extra non-elemental damage to mobs with the undead form flag or the Zombify affect.
earthy Deals extra earth damage per attack.
soulblade Deals extra holy or dark damage depending on the wielder's alignment.
tracer Temporarily raises the attacker's hitroll with each attack.