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Not actually this exciting, unfortunately

Fishing is an activity players can do in the Cleft of Dimensions.

To fish, you travel to a fishing spot somewhere in the world, equip some fishing gear, and use the fish social on the fishing spot mobile. After a moment, you are told the results of your fishing and will probably get a fish.


At most fishing spots, there are three possible fish one can catch, and a fourth 'special' catch, which could be an event or even a monster to fight. There is always a chance to catch nothing.

There is a large chance to catch the lowest-value fish, a smaller chance to catch the medium-value fish, and a low chance to catch the high-value fish. Better bait evens these out.


Catchable fish are a reliable and inexpensive source of food for adventurers. Most fish will also apply a buff to the user when eaten. This makes them very useful for Kirbys and nearly useless for Reploids.

The possible monsters from the 'special' catch are usually the same level as the fishing spot is in. They may also drop unique items when defeated.


To fish at a fishing spot, a player needs to be "wield"ing a fishing pole and "hold"ing a piece of bait. There are currently three kinds of bait:

  • Worms
  • Crickets
  • Deluxe Nightcrawlers

One piece of bait is used up every time you fish, but the fishing pole never wears out. More expensive bait will catch better fish more often, and give an empty catch less frequently. Reusable bait is possible, but probably doesn't exist yet.

There are different kinds of fishing poles, but different ones don't modify your fishing chances. Some fishing poles are also legitimate weapons that do normal damage for their level.

Basic fishing poles and all kinds of bait can be purchased either in Crysta or on Douglas Island.

Fishing SpotsEdit

There are dozens of fishing spots scattered all over the world. Each one has its own set of rewards, although there is some overlap in species of fish.

There are very basic carp ponds near the fishing equipment stores. These only have two kinds of fish and no special event catch.

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