Final Weapon
SATELLITES: They are in SPACE and stay there by going so fast that they never stay in one place long enough to fall down. TELEVISIONS are bounced off them. They are part of SCIENCE.
Source: Mega Man X4
Builder: Immortal
Level Range: 41-50
Linked: Yes

Final Weapon is a space station in orbit around the main body of the Cleft.

History[edit | edit source]

Built by Reploids, for Reploids, Final Weapon was constructed around 170 years after the Cleft formed. This faction of Reploids called themselves the Repliforce, and they maintain a strong military presence. Against what, I dunno, because people only ever go there one rocket at the time. But then again, you know how adventurers are.

The inhabitants of Final Weapon kept mostly to themselves for almost 150 years, but have more recently opened up their 'borders' for industry and tourism. Rocket flights from Rocket Town travel there almost daily.

Construction[edit | edit source]

It was launched in pieces from the surface of the Cleft and assembled in space, with a large amount of assistance from the Mana Stone of Wind. The Mana Stone continues to provide power (and breathable air!) to Final Weapon via a series of wind turbines in its interior.

Final Weapon probably has facilities for harvesting ores and such from asteroids or space debris.

Sights[edit | edit source]

Mostly the reason people go to Final Weapon is because it is IN SPACE. How exotic! Such a view! Okay my retinas are fried from UV overexposure can I go home now

Travel[edit | edit source]

Final Weapon can be reached from Rocket Town via rocket travel. Getting back down is a little harder.

Law, Government, and Politics[edit | edit source]

Final Weapon's government is an oligarchy headed up by the military leader of the Repliforce, General. (that's his name, not just his title)

They are presumably on good terms with Guardia, and engage in as much trade as is possible on the payload of one rocket, because nobody has a space elevator.

The kingdom of Fa'Diel mostly lacks any means of travelling to or communicating with Final Weapon.

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