Feyan Lake
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Source: ????
Builder: Lilly
Level Range: 41-45
Linked: Yes

Feyan Lake is a small body of water in Fa'Diel. It contains many Fey, though they are shy and there is a slim chance of catching a glimpse of them, unless of course, you know how. The fey and villagers from the nearby village of Brei do not get along very well, so if you befriend one side, the other side may not like you very much. If one looks around, they may find a few odd creatures and/or people also inhabiting the lake, though avoiding the Kobolds is recommended. Hinata Inn is also near Feyan Lake, though it's doubtful the residents converse much.

In the most recent Cleft history, Brigantean Forces used the village of Brei as a stronghold. Unfortunately, most - if not all - of its residents were killed, and many of the Fey were mana-drained to death. An unfortunate incident has also left Feyan Lake polluted and rather uninhabitable. The general area has dried up into a small, dead forest.

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