Elijah Moran
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Age: 18
Race: Half-Saiyan (??)
Status: Alive
Affiliation: ???

Dossier[edit | edit source]

Age: 18

DoB: July 22nd

Birthplace: The remnants of Seattle (since abandoned)

Parents: Robert Moran and an unknown Saiyan (deceased in childbirth)

Known Associates: Vasho Cyanbeck (Koopa, current wherabouts unknown), Cassiel (Saiyan, Former employer), Milo (Koopa. former employer, First Koopa Invasion), Bahamut (Esper, deceased, former employer), 'Maestre' (Human, Sensei), Yidas (Saiyan, Splat, grandmother, former sensei)

Descent: 2nd generation Mattie, both sides

Occupation: Fist for Hire

Known strengths[edit | edit source]

Strong. Has high martial arts skill level. Current limits unknown. Savvy with the Mercenary's Code. Cannot be bought twice. Has a trained Attack Chomp for a pet. Appears to be a leader.

Known weaknesses[edit | edit source]

No known magical power. Cannot be bought twice. Honorable. Duelist.

Known History[edit | edit source]

Elijah was born to his father, Robert Moran, and a Saiyan mother who died in childbirth. His father, a first generation son of immigrants to America himself, was transported with the rest of his family and the entirety of Seattle. As you might expect, much of them died in the first harsh winter, and the local Saiyans weren't much help. The settlement of Splats would soon die out, leaving a husk of a city and soon enough not even that, but not before many of its people migrated elsewhere in the Cleft, as the Cleft tends to do.

Like many youths born to a Saiyan parent, he was given tutelage in the martial arts. That this came from his grandmother rather than his mother was a mild quibble of tradition. When he had learned the basic forms to his Sensei Yidas's satisfaction, he was allowed to train under other masters. Elijah was ten years old.

After this point, little is known. Elijah makes references to a 'Maestre', a fellow survivor of Seattle, who taught him something called "Capoeira Verdadero". He also claims to have learned boxing from his father posthumously. He also collected a Chain Chomp in his travels, through dubious means, which he has trained to be an attack chomp which he affectionately calls 'Chompy'.

What is known is that at 17, he briefly was hired by Milo to deliver a missive that may or may not have been crucial. For this service, Elijah and his associate, Vasho, were given the sum of 100 gold pieces.

A few weeks later, hard up for cash, he ended up signing on with The Empire, and has been swiftly showing his colors as a leader, exceptionally so in one so young. He has aided in the capture of several behemoths from the Veldt, and has shown remarkable skill with machetes.

Once this job is done, who knows? If you're desperate, and you have the money, maybe you, too, can hire... The A-Te- I mean, Elijah.

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