Eldin Mountain
Also known as Death Mountain
Source: Zelda Series
Builder: Sunflash + Ageatii
Level Range: 46-50
Linked: Yes

Eldin Mountain is a dormant volcano that sits on the western edge of the Sulfataska Mountains. It is through here that one may travel from the grasslands of Fa'Diel to the mountainous regious.

History Edit

Some time ago, some bridges were built through here. One of the bridges got bought out by a private investor. Mines were built here a while ago, but nobody digs around them anymore, probably because of the miniblins that have moved in.

Sights Edit

Death Mountain Crater

The peak of Eldin Mountain opens up to the sky, and steam rises from it, forming a ring around the mountain. Rocks tumble down the mountain, possibly originating from here.

Spectacle Rock

This pair of large red rocks are similar in size and shape and probably got their name because they resemble eyes when viewed from above. They are otherwise unremarkable.

Travel Edit

The mountain is rather hollow because of ancient volcanic eruptions and erosion caused by old waterways. A cave entrance connects to the north edge of the Lorien Highlands. Mountain trails also lead up to the south edge of Lasacul.

Inhabitants Edit


A small population of rock-like creatures that eat rocks dwell around this mountain. They are rather reclusive but tough beings who can be rather enterprising when necessary.


The caverns are infested with hordes of tiny goblins, also known as miniblins. They attack in packs, but individually are rather weak. There are also some bats here. The outside of the mountain is overrun with large poisonous insects called tektites.

Law, Government and Politics Edit

No one really rules this area. Two bridges cross a major gorge in the middle of the mountain, and are owned privately. One of the bridges is funded by the citizens of Lasacul.

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