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El Nido Triangle
Skimming the surface
Source: Chrono Cross
Builder: Ageatii
Level Range: 28-37
Linked: Yes

The El Nido Triangle is a triangular section of ocean in the middle of the Aegiran Ocean.

History Edit

0 - A wormhole appeared here when the Cleft was first created, which is what many believe is the reason why the triangle is cursed. It is one of the Origin Wormholes.

c100 - The statues of the Threads of Fate were first noticed on the islands.

288 - A scientific vessel from Shrike mysteriously vanishes while entering El Nido.

289 - Monotoli Inc. sends several ships to investigate the disappearance of their expensive research ship, all these ships also vanish.

Sights Edit

It is taboo to enter the triangle. The area is considered cursed, though three statues have been erected on the three islands that form the triangle, depicting the Threads of Fate. Some of the more daring fishermen come here.

Travel Edit

El Nido is right in the middle of the Aegiran Ocean, so it fairly close to Guardia and Fa'Diel's east coast. Hyrule's west coast, and Shadmire's north coast.

Inhabitants Edit

Sea Life Edit

Various types of fish call this area their home. There are rumors of draconic Gyarados that prowl the triangle.

Law, Government, and Politics Edit

No one governs this area.

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