Damaging foes in the Cleft of Dimensions is the primary way to defeat them, and it is the only way in which player characters can be defeated.

Damage TypesEdit

There are 23 types of damage in the Cleft of Dimensions, and some are far more common than others:

  • Physical -- bash, slash, and pierce
    • These damage types are probably the most common among both weapons and mobiles -- each one has its own armor score which modifies received damage from attacks (but not spells)
  • Primary -- fire, cold, earth, wood, wind, electricity, energy, and poison
  • Secondary -- acid, negative, holy, silver, iron, mental, draining, water, light, sound, and dark
  • Other -- charm

Auto-attacks and weapons of ALL non-physical damage types use the 'exotic' armor score.

Resistances and VulnerabilitiesEdit

While there are 23 damage types, there are 26 types of resistance, vulnerability, or immunity; in addition to one for each damage type, one can also resist:

  • summon, which allows mobs to resist or be immune to attempts to Summon them
  • weapon, which provides a blanket resistance or vulnerability to all three of bash, slash, and pierce, but does NOT stack with nor override any specific resistance or vuln -- resisting Weapon while being vulnerable to Pierce will still result in effect vulnerability to Piercing attacks
  • magic, which behaves similarly for most other damage types
    • A few attacks, like Seance, and some status affects, like Slow, don't have a speciic damage type, and can only be resisted by having resistance to the overarching Magic type

A very few attacks, like Megamagic, or Magic Rocket, deal completely untyped damage, and so cannot be resisted nor hit a vulnerability. The only way to avoid taking damage from attacks like this is to be immune to both Weapon and Magic.

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