Damaging foes in the Cleft of Dimensions is the primary way to defeat them, and it is the only way in which player characters can be defeated.

Damage Types[edit | edit source]

There are 23 types of damage in the Cleft of Dimensions, and some are far more common than others:

  • Physical -- bash, slash, and pierce
    • These damage types are probably the most common among both weapons and mobiles -- each one has its own armor score which modifies received damage from attacks (but not spells)
  • Primary -- fire, cold, earth, wood, wind, electricity, energy, and poison
  • Secondary -- acid, negative, holy, silver, iron, mental, draining, water, light, sound, and dark
  • Other -- charm

Auto-attacks and weapons of ALL non-physical damage types use the 'exotic' armor score.

Resistances and Vulnerabilities[edit | edit source]

While there are 23 damage types, there are 26 types of resistance, vulnerability, or immunity; in addition to one for each damage type, one can also resist:

  • summon, which allows mobs to resist or be immune to attempts to Summon them
  • weapon, which provides a blanket resistance or vulnerability to all three of bash, slash, and pierce, but does NOT stack with nor override any specific resistance or vuln -- resisting Weapon while being vulnerable to Pierce will still result in effect vulnerability to Piercing attacks
  • magic, which behaves similarly for most other damage types
    • A few attacks, like Seance, and some status affects, like Slow, don't have a speciic damage type, and can only be resisted by having resistance to the overarching Magic type

A very few attacks, like Megamagic, or Magic Rocket, deal completely untyped damage, and so cannot be resisted nor hit a vulnerability. The only way to avoid taking damage from attacks like this is to be immune to both Weapon and Magic.

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